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The backbone of a great research project is a strong research proposal. A good research proposal should serve two main purposes:
Help the researcher to understand their conceived topic of research further. Convince the panel tasked with approval that the research subject in question is viable.
As such, you need to be very careful when writing a research proposal. You can have a magnificent topic in mind but have your proposal rejected every time simply because your idea is not conveyed correctly to the panel. Moreover, lingering at the proposal stage does not do you any good. It will ultimately see your idea taken up by someone else, something you do not want.
If writing is not your stronghold, it’s better to have your research proposal written by an expert. One advantage of having someone else write your research proposal is that you get to expand your knowledge of the topic at hand even before you embark on your study. It is like sharing notes and ideas, which is an important part of any preparation.
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Research Proposal Writing Requirements

There is no universally accepted formula for writing a research proposal, as the end result depends on the nature of the intended research. But care should be taken when writing a research proposal not to make your paper too short or overly long. Typically, a good research proposal should be between 1,500 to 2,000 words, exclusive of abstract and references.
Your proposal must also include references from reputable sources. Aim for 20 to 30 sources, all of which must be from recent publications related to your topic. The abstract should not be more than 300 words since its purpose is to summarize your work succinctly.
A good abstract is self-contained and concise, explaining your paper as briefly and clearly as possible. Thus, your abstract should summarize your work clearly and concisely.
Content-wise, a good research proposal should revolve around a problem that has been touched or pointed out in previous research. Your submission should show gaps that have been pointed out in earlier research and highlight how those limitations can be eradicated.
For your research proposal to win approval, aim for an objective that’s specific, measurable, archivable, realistic, and time-bound. In other words, aim for SMART goals. If that sounds like a tough gig, fret not, as we’re here to help.
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