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Learning how to write a good persuasive essay is like learning how to argue a case before a jury. The author has to take a stand on an issue, either supporting it or opposing it, using strong arguments to win over the reader.

Persuasive essay tips

Writing persuasive essays dictates that a writer has to understand the perception of the reader, which is, whether they are inclined to favor one position or the other, or undecided on the matter. The information it contains has to be convincing to the reader. Therefore, one has to get it from credible sources in the library. One should not rely on a single source but rather seek the help of the librarian, or speak to teachers and community experts. While they give you information, you should take notes to identify the most compelling evidence, and the opposing views. Once you have determined the key points of the opposite side, create an outline. The strongest arguments should be organized first and if the teacher has requested the student to use a particular essay structure, include it in the framework. The resulting article should contain five or six paragraphs.

How to write a captivating persuasive essay introduction

The persuasive essay introduction should draw the reader's attention to the subject matter. It should without bias, explain the situation under scrutiny to the reader. A statement of the writer's stand on the issue should follow, to justify their decision to back the explicit argument.

The perfect persuasive essay body

A persuasive essay's body paragraphs should convince the reader to take a particular action, or accept the writer's point of view. Such types of essays require extensive research, a consciousness of the reader's biases, and a keen understanding of both sides of the matter. Therefore, to learn how to write a good persuasive essay, one should clearly define why their opinion is correct, and why the opposing view is incorrect.

A body paragraph should contain a single point, independent of the rest. The supporting sentences should provide substantial evidence in the form of statistics, facts, and quotes from experts, and examples in real-life. A good writer gives background information about an issue since the reader may not have in-depth knowledge of the matter.

The persuasive essay conclusion

The concluding paragraph summarizes the most significant evidence while urging the reader to take action or adopt a position. Some writers prefer to use a dramatic plea, that is, a prediction that recommends urgent action, or a question that prompts the reader to think gravely about the issue. In some persuasive essays, the writer gives a recommendation to the reader, about certain ideas on what they can do.

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