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The GRE Test is widely used as the most accredited test for graduate and professional schools. The GRE Exam is conducted by ETS and is best for candidates seeking to pursue Graduate or MS Studies abroad. It is conducted several times annually, and candidates may take it from a designated GRE test center or use the GRE at Home test facility. You might be wondering, “Should I hire someone to take GRE for me?” Read on to learn the benefits of taking this option.


Your Future Depends on the Strength of Your Papers

The GRE General test is one of the most extensive assessment programs in the world. It deals with graduate admissions to law or business schools and is accepted worldwide by major universities and colleges. The ETS conducts a standardized test that measures a candidate’s overall academic readiness if they intend to attend graduate school.


This test determines a candidate’s quantitative ability, analytical writing, and verbal reasoning capacity. It further evaluates a person’s ability in a certain subject. Candidates should discern GRE Subject Tests only deal with Psychology, Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry.


When Do I Get My Results?

A candidate’s test scores will appear within 15 days after taking the test. They are accepted at thousands of graduate programs worldwide for doctorate and master’s degrees. The official ETS GRE website claims that Business Schools, Law Schools, and Fellowship Sponsors accept credible GRE scores. Candidates that want to book a slot for the GRE are mandated to pay US $213, though this value fluctuates based on one’s location. GRE Subject test Fees amount to US $150.


Why is the GRE Test Important?

We have previously mentioned GRE’s most attractive quality involves its acceptance worldwide. Nonetheless, this is not the only aspect that makes it unique. There is a growing trend among business schools to accept GRE test scores rather than GMAT scores, the former entrance exam into business school. This trend is also evident in a growing number of law schools in the US that accept GRE scores in place of LSAT, the previous law school entrance exam.


The Best Time to Take the GRE Test

Choosing the right time to take your GRE test is a bit confusing. It is important to note that GRE test centers and GRE at Home options are available intermittently throughout the year. Experts in GRE test-taking suggest one should take the exam 60-90 days before their first university application deadline. This provides time to determine whether the test scores are enough to apply for their chosen course.


The sheer amount of information you need to learn before applying for a GRE Test is immense. You may have encountered another term while researching, GRE Score Validity. Planning your academic progress is vital to maintain order in your studies. GRE scores are valid for five years after one appears for the exam. For instance, a candidate that took the GRE on March 2, 2022, may report these scores until March 1, 2027.


ETS offers two types of GRE tests, the GRE General Test and the GRE Subject Test.

GRE General Test

It is a standardized test that measures a candidate’s academic readiness to attend graduate school. It takes place annually, and candidates can take it at their convenience. A person looking for admission to various MBA courses, MS courses, or professional graduate courses must apply for a GRE General Test. It is offered in three formats:


1. GRE Paper-Based Test

This is taken offline in areas with limited computer or internet access. It is a pen and paper test that is offered in select countries. Places such as India do not provide this option.


2. GRE Computer-Based Test

It takes place at a specific test center and is available in every country with computer and internet capability. Most people opt for this method because of its convenience.


3. GRE at Home Test

This is the most recently launched test format and was launched during the covid-19 pandemic. It is conducted when candidates meet system requirements determined by ETS.


GRE Subject Test

It evaluates a candidate’s ability in a specific subject and is only extended to Mathematics, Psychology, Physics, and Chemistry. This test is necessary for admission to specialized courses and is primarily held three times annually using a paper-delivered test. It has a 2 Hrs and 50 minutes duration where a candidate can only appear for one of the subjects mentioned above.


Hiring someone to take the GRE test is the best option to secure your academic future. Let us handle the workload and provide you with an expert to take your GRE test.


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