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Machines are everywhere. Your TV is a machine. Your TV remote is a machine. Even your electric toothbrush is a machine. In a sense, machines rule the world, and mechanical engineers rule the machines. Are you looking for the best writers that understand complex design in this elaborate discipline? Get mechanical engineering assignment help from the world's leading homework service provider. Fill out our order form in less than ten minutes!

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History of Mechanical Engineering

"When once the idea of the separate condensation was started, all these improvements followed as corollaries in quick succession, so that in the course of one or two days the invention was thus far complete in my mind, and I immediately set about an experiment to verify it practically."

-James Watt


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What is Mechanical Engineering?

This quote is from the man coined the father of mechanical engineering. It comes from a particular invention, the steam engine that led to more remarkable industrial revolution developments and later years. Watt's invention plays a central role in the creation of mechanical engineering. It paved the way for developing modes of transport, such as self-propelled boats and steam locomotives, the precursors to booming railroad tracks and canal networks. Soon after, Carl Benz applied for a patent for his "vehicle powered by a gas engine." This created a major demand for mechanical engineers as patent number 37435 was the birth certificate of the automobile, meaning the industry was in its infancy.


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Get Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help | Mechanical Engineering Homework Help

Mechanical engineering students must understand the fundamental principles that govern machines. It is about knowing how they function, how to improve them and how to boost their work capacity. Mechanical engineers must consider the principles of physics, mathematics, engineering, and material science to design, analyze, and manufacture mechanical systems. It is a broad industry arching over:

  • Power Systems
  • Machines
  • Boilers
  • Computers
  • Pressure vessels
  • Factory production lines

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Introduction of Mechanical Engineering from My Custom Essays Experts

Engineers can only be described as individuals that make things. Engineers figured out how to create a car, fly a plane, go to the moon, and create intelligent software. These people are trained and skilled in designing, constructing, and using machines or engines.


Do you need mechanical assignment help? Get the best online mechanical assignment help in any mechanical engineering department. Whether you are studying chemical engineering, mechanical electronics, heat transfer, software technology, materials engineering, mechanical technology, energy conversion, or any other. European and Arabic scientists can attest to our excellent assignment writing help. We offer high-quality engineering assignment help online.


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Why Should I Choose Mechanical Engineering Homework Help from My Custom Essays?

A mechanical engineer designs and constructs power-producing machines. Their field involves studying physical machines that sometimes use movement and force. It is a branch of engineering that merges mathematics and engineering physics principles with materials science. This helps a professional mechanical engineer design, manufacture, analyze, and maintain mechanical systems. Since we can fathom an invention like the wheel as part of mechanical engineering -it may be rudimentary, but it is in the field- mechanical engineering is one of the broadest and oldest branches of engineering.


Do you have mechanical engineering homework? We offer online mechanical engineering assignment help to students that need help expressing how physics, material science, engineering, and mathematics work in manufacturing mechanical systems.


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How Can I Become a Mechanical Engineer?

You need a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or mechanical engineering technology to become a mechanical engineer. Every state in America and the District of Columbia requires you to be licensed to sell your services to the public. It is impossible to think about a mechanical engineer leaving work without some grease on their shirt. However, the contrary is true, as mechanical engineers primarily work in offices. They may sometimes visit worksites when a piece of equipment or problem, but they mainly work in research and development, engineering services, and manufacturing.


Do you wish to become a mechanical engineer, but the assignments are too complex? Do you need help with structural analysis? We have you covered on both fronts. Maybe you spent all weekend trying to understand assignment writing techniques necessary to pass fluid mechanics. Do not despair. 

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Specialized Sub-disciplines Under Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a collection of different mechanical engineering science disciplines. A number of these sub-disciplines are tailored to mechanical engineering. The rest are a combination of mechanical engineering and another field or more. A mechanical engineer's work requires techniques and skills from several sub-disciplines and specialized sub-disciplines. The latter are more likely the subject of on-the-job training or graduate studies than undergraduate research. Here is a list of several specialized sub-disciplines under mechanical engineering.




Courses in Mechanical Engineering

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  • Mechanics
  • Mechatronics & robotics
  • Structural analysis
  • Thermodynamics and thermo-science
  • Design and drafting
  • Micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)
  • Friction stir welding (FSW)
  • Composites
  • Nanotechnology
  • Finite element analysis
  • Biomechanics
  • Computational fluid dynamics

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The Sub-discipline Covered by Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help Online

(1) Mechanics

Mechanics is the study of forces and how they influence matter. Engineering mechanics is typically used to predict and analyze the acceleration and deformation of objects under loads or stresses. To showcase the broad nature of mechanical engineering, this sub-discipline has sub-fields within it! Let's take a look at some of these sub-fields below.

  • Statics
  • Kinetics (or dynamics)
  • Mechanics of materials
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Kinematics
  • Continuum mechanics

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Tell Me The Meaning of Mechanical Engineering

(a) Static

Students study how forces influence static and non-moving bodies and their performance under known loads.


(b) Kinetics (or dynamics)

This is the study of how forces influence moving bodies.


(c) Mechanics of materials

The sub-field involves studying how various materials deform under different types of stress.


(d) Fluid mechanics

This is the study of how fluids react to forces.


(e) Kinematics

This study involves systems and motion of bodies without considering the forces causing the motion. It is used in designing and analyzing mechanisms.


(f) Continuum mechanics

This is a way mechanical engineers apply mechanics that assumes objects are continuous rather than discrete.


In a sense, mechanical engineers use mechanics during the engineering design and analysis phases.


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Experience The Best Mechanical Engineering Assignment Writing Service

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(2) Mechatronics and robotics


Mechatronics is a combination of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering. It involves the integration of mechanical and electrical engineering to develop hybrid systems. Mechatronics proposes that machines may be automated using servo-mechanisms, electrical systems, and other electrical motors together with special software.


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(3) Structural analysis

Structural analysis is a branch of mechanical and civil engineering that seeks to determine how and why objects fail. Students in this sub-discipline are devoted to fixing these objects and how they perform.


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(4) Thermodynamics and thermo-science

We consider thermodynamics an applied science used in different engineering branches, including chemical and mechanical engineering. It is simply the study of energy, its uses, and alteration within a system. Engineering thermodynamics is typically engrossed with changing energy from one state to another.


Transition is a big part of life. You need to understand that a high GPA point average requires transitioning to include mechanical assignment help.


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(5) Design and drafting

Technical drawing or drafting is the way that mechanical engineers use to create instructions and design products for manufacturing. A mechanical engineer may use hand-drawn schematics or a computer model that shows all dimensions needed to manufacture a part. This also includes required materials, assembly notes, and other necessary information.


You'll find that a skilled worker or US mechanical engineer that creates technical drawings is deemed a draftsman or drafter. Drafting has evolved over the years from a tw0-dimensional process to a 3-D one that uses computer-aided design (CAD) programs.


Our writers are trained in more than 50 disciplines. We will assign you the best engineering expertise to help you with CAD and other design and drafting assignments throughout your mechanical engineering course.


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(6) Micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)

Glass, silicon, and polymers such as SU8 help fabricate micron-scale mechanical parts like gears, heat and fluidic transfer devices, and springs. Individuals in this specialized field create these devices. Do you want help with your MEMS assignment?


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(7) Friction stir welding (FSW)

The Welding Institute created a new industry in mechanical engineering when they discovered friction stir welding in 1991. This novel non-fusion (steady state) welding technique combines previously unweldable materials such as aluminum alloys. FSW was a game changer in airplane construction and will potentially replace rivets. Hire our team for FSW homework help and get that A+.


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(8) Composites

Composites are different materials that reinforce their combined materials to exhibit more robust physical characteristics than either material individually possesses. You have probably realized mechanical engineers focus mainly on designing and finding a use for rigid or more robust materials. They also try to reduce susceptibility to corrosion, weight, and other undesirable factors. This may be a lot to deal with while working a different job. Do you need help relieving your stress at school? Get help with this and various other engineering disciplines in just a few clicks.




(9) Nanotechnology

Mechanical engineering goes beyond what is visible, with the field turning into nanotechnology at the most miniature scale. You may choose to do your mechanical engineering project on a speculative topic like mechanosynthesis. This is where you seek to create a molecular assembler that creates materials and molecules. We're just hypothesizing here; this goal is still within exploratory engineering. The point is that you can choose from a wide range of topics without limiting your imagination when getting online assignment help from us.


Your assignment may also be on nanofilms, nanostructures, or nano-filters. Whatever the topic, we're here to assist you. Get professional mechanical engineering project help.


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(10) Finite element analysis

The basis of the Finite Element Method (FEM) or Finite Element Analysis (FEA) dates back to 1941. However, it did not shine until the evolution of computers, making it viable for structural problem analysis. Commercial codes like ABAQUS, Nastran, and ANSYS are popular in mechanical engineering because of the research and design of components. Some CAD and 3D modeling software packages have included FEA modules, showing their importance in mechanical engineering. Hire our team to help you navigate FEA assignments.




(11) Biomechanics

Biomechanics applies mechanical principles to biological systems like animals, plants, humans, organs, and cells. It works in tandem with engineering since it frequently uses engineering sciences to analyze biological systems. These systems' mechanics can benefit immensely from some applications of materials science and Newtonian mechanics. Get your mechanical assignment on biomechanics with timely delivery every time.


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(12) computational fluid dynamics

Fluid mechanics has a sub-discipline that uses algorithms and numerical methods to solve and analyze fluid flow issues. Your professor must assign you a task that requires you to perform calculations to simulate liquid and gas interaction with surfaces limited by certain conditions. Let us work on your mechanical assignment for you.


It took us a while to get here, right?! That's how broad mechanical engineering is. Don't get intimidated. We have a massive team of writers that will back you throughout your academic life. Get help with all your mechanical engineering assignments at My Custom Essays. Hire us today for great mechanical engineering assignment help offers!


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Mechanical Engineering Assignment Topics Covered By Our Experts

Mechanical engineering covers a wide range of topics that are integrated into every other engineering field. Our experts work on issues that span more than 12 subfields in the most elaborate discipline in engineering. Get mechanical engineering assignment help at My Custom Essays in a few simple steps. Here are some of the areas we can help you with.

  • Mechanics
  • Mechatronics & robotics
  • Structural analysis
  • Thermodynamics and thermo-science
  • Design and drafting
  • Micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)
  • Friction stir welding (FSW)
  • Composites
  • Nanotechnology
  • Finite element analysis
  • Biomechanics
  • Computational fluid dynamics

We provide top-notch mechanical engineering homework help to any mechanical engineering student looking to score high grades. Whether it involves mechanical electronics, heat transfer, robotics, and space exploration, contact our team for all your assignments.

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Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help [A+ Grade]

Mechanical engineers created the wheel, the bicycle, the car, the spaceship, the giant cargo ships, and many more marvels of engineering. We can assert that they push the boundaries of what is considered physically possible. They do this to create safe, cheap, and efficient mechanical systems and machines.


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