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A dissertation is one of the longest-form academic papers you will write in school based on original research. It shows if a student has a firm grasp of content material and its applications.


A dissertation is probably the most significant piece of academic writing you will write. It takes intense research, writing, and analytical skills.

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The world is increasingly getting more hectic. Work, school, and social lives have changed drastically. A student may have to deal with paying school fees, earning money for school materials such as books and transport, as well as living.


Most students struggle to juggle between studies, social life, and a job. Such students may seek dissertation services from experts. Buying a dissertation from us leaves you with enough time to concentrate on other things without worrying about your grades.

Full Project Scope or Individual Chapters

Our dissertation service will aid in the completion of every chapter of your dissertation. Our expert writers will include each key point in every dissertation chapter. Your paper has smaller sections indicating the completion of your college program.


A dissertation shows your capacity to gain knowledge and understand the content within your subject area. It also shows your capacity as a researcher in your academic field.


Our dissertation service must portray excellent skills with originality and precision. One of the most important aspects of a dissertation is its benefit to your subject area.


We can help you with all dissertation chapters.



Components of a Great Dissertation

A superb paper needs critical consideration to ensure every part of the dissertation blends seamlessly with the rest. It is an evolving process that arises from a writer's research process and the supervisor's feedback. You have to keep in mind that each chapter has a recommended length.


For instance, the introduction is worth about ten percent of your paper, while the methodology accounts for almost fifty percent of the work. This is mainly due to each section's difficulty. We always keep in mind that each custom dissertation chapter is only a part of the larger picture.


Every point should be harmonious with the last and include these chapters. Let's take a look at each section independently.

  • Abstract chapter
  • Introduction chapter
  • Literature review chapter
  • Methodology chapter
  • Evidence, analysis, and outcomes chapter
  • Conclusion chapter


Abstract Chapter

A dissertation assignment is a notoriously long document. It is crucial to provide a concise summary of your research. An abstract provides a report of your research outcome and offers readers greater insight into your expectations for the dissertation.


A professional writer notes that a well-written abstract must include your research question/hypothesis, research methods, results, and conclusion.


Introduction Chapter

Your introduction does not have many differences from your abstract and is basically a longer version of it with key points. Our experts will provide essential data to the reader, offering a lot of information related to your topic.


An introduction ties existing knowledge with new developments related to your research question.


Literature Review Chapter

Your next assignment is researching to write a well-researched literature review. Our team takes this section of the paper as crucial in showing the importance of your topic and existing ideologies surrounding the subject area. further research helps expert writers come up with future research topics related to your thesis, such as in a PhD program.


when you seek our writing service and buy a dissertation, we survey scholarly materials such as government websites, conference proceedings, books, journals, articles, and any other resource that is relevant to your topic. The point is to substantiate your issues and offer your readers context by identifying previous research materials.


Methodology Chapter

Our writers consider the research methodology one of your dissertation's most complex parts. This section offers an overarching philosophical foundation for your chosen research methods. You show your audience the relevance of selecting a particular method, reliability, and validity.


Evidence, Analysis, and Outcomes Chapter

The paper gets technical in this section, where you need to analyze facts, data collected, and evidence collected throughout the research. We include the study's results and outcomes in this section.


Conclusion Chapter

The paper's conclusion exhibits the outcomes/results of your research briefly and concisely to the reader. You will also critique any new knowledge you gain through research in this part of your paper.


You Need an Expert to Write Your Dissertation

A superficial glance at your dissertation's structure will automatically prove the distinct nature of dissertations. It is a complex process that requires precision and professionalism, something our expert dissertation writers can do for you within a given deadline.


All this information may have put you off when writing a dissertation. This is either because you don't know how to write such papers or simply don't have the time to tackle your assignment.


You're in good hands; we will make your assignments our top priority! 

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We have expert dissertation writers that will help you with every chapter of your Master's or Ph.D. papers. Everyone at our organization realizes that dissertations are not your typical essay.


We handle assignments with attention to detail, skills, and a penchant for digging deep for knowledge. Master's and Ph.D. papers need extra consideration because of their level of proficiency.


Our writers have vast experience with each, evidencing over four years of academic experience writing such essays. We do not hire writers with undergraduate degrees.


You can rest assured that our team consists of Master's and Ph.D. level authors with an excellent grasp of different fields in academia.


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My Custom Essays provides you with the chance to buy a dissertation assignment from professional Masters' and Ph.D. experts. You can achieve your dream of submitting quality papers to complete your essay using our expertise.


Our organization does not hire people with undergraduate experience. We are committed to providing the best dissertations by employing experts worldwide with better qualifications.


You should look at a writer's profile to find the best fit for fast delivery to meet your deadline. We offer the option of communicating with the author through access to an encrypted messaging platform before you place an order.


You can discuss requirements or deadlines and ask questions before purchasing the complete dissertation.


Buy a Dissertation Written by Top Experts

An academic paper such as a dissertation takes a long time because it involves extensive research and analysis. Many students are hesitant when taking on ambitious projects they would like to conduct because of time constraints or lack of expertise in formulating a viable thesis statement.


You can perform your duties while hiring an expert dissertation writer to do your work.


Wondering whether it is possible to do a dissertation effectively? Well, we can help get the best grade possible!


Let us assist you in researching and gathering the required data necessary to complete your dissertation.

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My Custom Essays provides a free inquiry to help you determine what the cost of your assignments will be. You can navigate to the bottom of the page to find experts on every topic using our chat icons.


We have different writers with high qualifications for varying clients.


Our human resource department rigorously vets applicants for our writing team.


Our low prices will help make the decision to purchase dissertation chapters from us easier.


We Work with the Best Writers

We only hire experienced writers with more than 4 years of experience. The writing team consists of people with Masters' or Ph.D. degrees in different fields.


Academic qualifications are part of the vetting process, as we also require our writers to take an extensive English proficiency test. These applicants further need to showcase their previous work to determine if they qualify to work for our organization.


We have the best writer to handle your dissertation.


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We're Here to Answer your Questions about Length, Style, or Anything Else

A dissertation has many components, so you probably have a few questions about, well, everything! You may wish to exhaust a topic, but your pockets don't allow it. So you have to consider what you deem the optimal length to offer a better idea than current practice without denting yourself too much while simultaneously introducing a strong thesis statement.


Our team can help determine your paper's main points before we proceed with writing.


Let us know if we can help with your paper or if you have any other questions regarding our services.

We are available 24 hours a day

Length and Style

We will work together to decide what length is suitable. Your academic institution will probably help decide what style the paper should have. However, our editing team can help you determine the appropriate technique for your essay based on the subject area and research questions.


You can contact our customer service team anytime, day or night, if you have any queries concerning your dissertation. We value customer satisfaction and would like to provide you with a good service.


Guide to Dealing with Dissertation Chapters

Each writing publication, such as Undergraduate, Master's, & Ph.D., needs a particular structure incorporated from the first chapter of the paper. Failure to follow formatting requirements for any section may lead to disqualification of the entire project.


This would be a monumental waste of time to address incorrect information in different areas.


A dissertation should follow the following structure:

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • introduction
  • literature review
  • research methodology
  • research analysis and Interpretation
  • conclusion

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As exciting as it is, the advent of technology portends various problems. Online fraud and cybersecurity threats plague the internet. You may wonder if giving out your private information, such as credit card details, is wise. We use military-grade encryption to protect our customers' data.


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Data protection

We take security seriously at My Custom Essays. Our reputation hinges on our capacity to protect your sensitive data to ensure you remain 100% satisfied with the services rendered. We will protect you from online fraud and threats. Our policies protect you from any form of information sharing with academic institutions or ad agencies.


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Our quality of work shows the prowess of our team that separates us from the competition. Paying for affordable quality services is better than taking a risk and submitting mediocre work because you decided to spend less.


We seek to provide the best papers to meet our customers' expectations.


Our team uses a highly experienced Quality Assurance team to assess each piece, determining if it is original, high-quality, and relevant for your dissertation submission.

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Every online essay-writing guru knows the importance of allocating time in case of a revision. Our revision policy allows you to request as many revisions as you need. It is improbable that you'll need them, but the option to have your paper edited to your specifications is worth it. You can rest easy knowing that our writers focus on delivering high-quality papers.


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We cannot claim to have excellent content but provide poor customer service. Imagine calling to confirm the status of your paper only to find no one at the end of the line. Most people will refrain from seeking services from a vendor with poor support services.


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Our writers and support team work 24 hours a day. We are ready to work immediately after you place an order. 

Timely Delivery

Why pay for a paper to be delivered once the deadline has passed? If you're lucky, you will definitely receive a failing grade because of penalties. More often than not, the paper will not be graded. We do not intend to make your life more difficult. While you work on other essential aspects of your life, we work on your paper.


We will deliver quality papers when you buy dissertations online from us. It will be timely and accurate, reflecting every aspect of your needs. We provide our writers with ample time to write your dissertation, giving you time to review it and discern if you would like any corrections made.


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We have a money-back guarantee if you remain displeased with our work. This gives you assurance and security that we will refund your money if you are unsatisfied with your dissertation. Our company has a clause that dictates the circumstances under which the guarantee policy will take effect, and the time it takes for the customer to get a refund.


We believe in our work. Our policy promises a 100% money-back guarantee within 7 days in case you are unsatisfied with the quality of our work.

See a list of all our guarantees.


Additional Special Features

My Custom Essays offers different features to add more value to your paper. These include:

  • Advanced writer option
  • Charts and slides
  • Preferred writer
  • Copy of digital sources
  • Plagiarism report
  • Grammar report

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We need to consider the importance of pricing when it comes to buying dissertations online. We have a price calculator that will help with these issues. Many undergraduate students do not have a lot of time to conduct as intensive work as dissertations. Our dissertation writers are experts in different fields and write quality papers promptly.


Examples of Dissertation Writing from My Custom Essays Writers

We have professional writers with valuable experience in research and analytics that will be of immense help in writing the dissertation. You can review our sample dissertation papers to discern our expertise. We believe you'll like what you see.


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Buy a dissertation with us; specify your instructions and requirements and a deadline for the writer to deliver your work. Your conversation is encrypted and only monitored by the organization's staff to ensure the writer has sufficient material to write the paper. Order from us today, and your assigned writer will begin working on your dissertation immediately.


Types of Dissertations We Will Help You With

Our writers are well-versed in different fields. You can get a writer for virtually any area imaginable, mathematics, robotics, astronomy, business; you name it. Our diverse roster of writers allows us to take on a wide array of subjects. The expertise these people bring to the table is even better! We can also complete any paper, from your Master's to your Doctorate!


Frequently Asked Questions

Tell Me The Importance of Dissertations?

An excellent dissertation is a key part of obtaining your academic qualifications. It allows your tutor to see how you apply theoretical information practically. The document is a blend of research and analysis, eliciting a novel study in your subject area and conclusions concerning it.


How Can I Buy Dissertations from My Custom Essays?

Which is the best site to buy dissertation online? Our website has a user-friendly graphical user interface, helping you navigate different pages easily. Press "Order now" or "Free Inquiry" to access the order page. Fill in some details, including:

  • Discipline
  • academic level
  • page number
  • general or specific writer

The process is relatively straightforward and will take only a few minutes. Click "Check out," and voila! You will have the assignment completed in no time. Don't hesitate to contact our support team if you need further assistance. We'll be glad to answer any questions.


What's Included?

Once you buy dissertation chapters, expect to receive the team's full attention. We can guarantee the timely delivery of your high-quality complete paper. You can rest easy, assured of 100% satisfaction and several revisions. You can request aid at any time during the process from our professional writers. Get a free plagiarism report with your order!


We offer 24/7 customer services and an extensive roster of writers worldwide. Don't worry; we have our clients covered anytime during the day.


If you have any queries, all you need is to enter your profile, message, or call our support team or writer. This is the ease of real-time tracking. You do not have to guess how your paper is going, our website is optimized for user-friendliness, and all it takes is a few clicks. We have over 200 professional writers at your disposal.


Order from us and get a quality paper that is 100% plagiarism free



What Makes Students Buy Dissertations Online?

Students are increasingly getting busier. You may be working with a full-time job and an active social life. School papers will take up most of your time and require an obscene amount of concentration to complete by the time your study period ends. You must include primary or secondary research that takes time to compile, including charts, detailed reports, and diagrams that accurately depict your work.


Modern competitive environments require higher GPAs and exemplary track records in extracurricular activities. In short, the more active your resume shows, the more likely you'll land the job. These high scores are improbable without burning out.


You may have to consistently work to support yourself, making dissertation writing a stressful activity. My Custom Essays provides extensive expertise when writing the best papers.


Why Buy a Dissertation Paper from Us?

Choosing to buy dissertation chapters is an important decision that requires critical thinking. The topic you choose and the style of writing is important. Hiring a writer from your college will prove difficult because of the complexities of writing such papers.


You should hire a company that offers professional dissertation writing services with a reputation for excellence. 

Buy dissertation chapters from us today!

We treat each client as a unique individual with distinct needs. You will work with an expert dissertation writer and gain 24/7 customer support. Our team offers high-quality services using experienced and reliable authors.


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We are the best at writing dissertations. Our writers provide timely and engaging content while our support team shows you our value for familial bonds. We realize the nature of your predicament, handing control to someone to aid in your studies. Rest easy; we have your back. 



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