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ProctorU is an online service that proctors exams, allowing students to take exams while maintaining the institution’s integrity. Education institutions assert that any exam that garners more than 10 percent of your grade should be proctored. Distance learning students are disadvantaged in meeting this requirement. This is where ProctorU, a proctoring exam service, comes in. If you are wondering if “I should pay someone to take my ProctorU exam?” The answer is probably yes. Here’s why.


ProctorU Exam Services

Proctored Exams Protocol?

All students taking the online course will use ProctorU proctoring services whether they are on-campus students or not.

  • Students are required to register for a time slot for exams using ProctorU. This should take place from a semester’s second week until three days before the test.
  • Students must have a webcam and microphone active during the period they take the exam. They are not allowed to take a test without a webcam.
  • Any exam scheduled for after midnight (Eastern US time) will deny students from accessing program assistance while they take the exam. Students are recommended to take the tests between 8 AM and midnight Eastern US time.
  • Exams will take place seven days a week as indicated in the course syllabus and close at the posted time. Students are advised not to schedule an exam appointment that takes them past this time to allow the total time for the exam.
  • Students must ensure they have a conducive environment. They are not allowed to have other people in the room while taking the test. Prior arrangements are necessary to avoid improper exam conduct.
  • A student’s proctor requires two types of picture ID and may request some public record information to identify a candidate.
  • Plan at least one hour ahead of the exam time to interface with ProctorU.
  • Students must prepay proctoring fees. Each exam scheduled less than three days before a test will necessitate a $5 late fee charge by ProctorU on the student.


Scheduling An Exam with ProctorU

First-time users must create an account and complete their profile. The ProctorU Test Taker Detailed Service Description (Pages 1 and 2) explains the process. Use the name officially included in your online courses as the system looks for these names to code you. Select your home time zone. If you are unsure how to proceed, use the search term “time zone” on the internet to determine your specific time zone. You need to register for your tests each semester.


See Pages 3 and 4 of the ProctorU Test Taker Detailed Service Description to schedule your exam appointment at least three days before the exam date. You must consider that taking a test after the website’s official closing time is only permitted under exceptional circumstances. Late exam candidates must follow the instructor’s directions and provide advanced written notice per university policies. Failure to schedule exams is not a valid reason for requesting an exam extension.


Authenticating Your Identity

ProctorU’s proctors will request information used to determine your identity. They will draw these questions from public records. You will not reveal new information as it is located in these records. Proctors will not ask students for a social security number or credit card number except when paying for tuition and exam fees. Feel free to let the proctor know if any of the questions make you uncomfortable. 


Sharing Your Desktop

You will receive a message from proctors to “share your desktop,” permitting them to enter the exam password on the Canvas exam site. Candidates can see everything the proctor does during the period ProctorU shares their desktop. The proctor will then transition to a “view only mode,” only able to see but unable to manipulate your desktop from this point onward. A proctor cannot enter your computer files without your knowledge, as the student can see all interactions.


In conclusion, ProctorU is an important test that allows students to gain an academic edge over others in their field. Taking the test requires a student to meet various system and environmental requirements.


ProctorU exams can be tough. Do not gamble with your future. Contact us to get an expert to take your ProctorU exam and pass. 


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