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The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to provide a brief account or overview of available research on a topic. It is a list of sources a researcher uses in their paper that takes the form of a citation per source, coupled with an annotation. This is a short paragraph that evaluates and summarizes the source. It may be an independent assignment or form part of a larger homework paper.


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Examples of Annotated Bibliographies

An annotated bibliography can be written on any topic. Its structure is what differentiates this type of paper. Surprisingly, an annotated bibliography is not just to inform your teacher about the relevance of your sources. Annotations help you too. Many students create their reference lists as they begin the research process for their topics.


Preview this annotated bibliography on gun control from one of our writers that show how the references precede annotations in the format of an annotated bibliography.


You may notice you'll delve more into your topic as you critically collect the information you'll use in your annotation. This is because you will summarize the source as part of your collective reference sources for your annotated bibliography. Your annotation becomes important as it helps you better understand the sources and subject to help you develop your thesis.


Writing your Annotations (How to Produce them)

Analyzing the Sources

You must critically analyze your sources when you write an annotated bibliography regardless of the style you choose. This means looking at the author's credentials and qualifications and the date the study was published. You must also ensure the journal or publisher where you sourced the research is credible and boasts reviews from professionals in the field.


You should realize that getting your research material from an unreputable or unknown journal will not work as a good source for your analysis or arguments.


A critical analysis of sources helps you evaluate the credibility of a source. It is helpful to your research or project and gives you ammunition to support your thesis.


Creating the annotations

Annotations have different sizes and ways to create them based on the writer's intent. You can use a summary, descriptive, or evaluation style in the annotations or combine the three. The key issue is to remain transfixed on what your instructor asks for in the assignment.


Formatting the annotated bibliography

Despite differences in intent, every annotated bibliography has an annotation, title, and citation. The annotation remains the same, while the title and citation vary based on your assigned style.


The most prevalent bibliography styles required in assignments are the APA, MLA, and Chicago styles.


How to Write Annotated Bibliography

Some annotations are purely descriptive and summarize an author's qualifications, arguments, and research methods. You need to consider each part of your annotation critically because of its intricate parts. This means thinking about your title page, citation styles (APA, MLA, Harvard, or any other your instructions ask for), and assignment intent to score high grades.


Every page of your essay must convey the annotated bibliography style you'll use for each annotation. This means showing how each reference helps advance your thesis. You should consider the logic and quality of the author's arguments and evidence and determine whether your findings support, argue against, or show mixed feelings about your argument.


This may all seem like a lot to take in. Pay for annotated bibliography help in any citation style and expect timely work that will meet your professor's instructions 100%.


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