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A reflective essay's definition is pretty straightforward. A writer has to consider the document they need to examine through their life's lens, hence the word "reflective." A reflective essay in academic writing mandates a writer to not only recount a particular life experience but to determine what they have learnt from the experience. They must also demonstrate how it has changed their assertions on life. Looking for an expert writer to create your reflective essays? You've come to the right place.


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Format of Reflection Papers

Other than recounting a personal experience, a reflective essay writer should connect it to their chosen topic. While these papers are written in different formats, most writers will use a diary entry or learning log format. The former is mainly used to demonstrate the author's thoughts and how they were created and evolved over a certain period.


A reflective essay's format can change depending on the target reader. This type of paper may be academic or feature more prominently as part of another piece of writing, such as a journal. While class assignments can have a different format, they retain their purpose, with tutors looking to elicit feelings in students to think critically and profoundly concerning a certain learning experience.

Here are some forms that reflective essays can take.

  • Focusing on personal growth
  • Focusing on the literature


Focusing on Personal Growth

Tutors use this type of reflective essay as an aid to students for learning how they can analyze personal life experiences to boost emotional development. It provides students with a greater understanding of themselves and their actions.


Focusing on The Literature

This type of reflective essay mandates students to develop a literature summary. Once this is done, the writer should apply it to their life experiences.


Are you wondering which format to use for your reflective essay? We can solve your problem.

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Structure of Reflective Essays

The structure of a reflective essay depends on your professor's instructions. You must read the details carefully to determine if your professor sets a particular structure. Reflective essays typically follow the classic introduction, body, and conclusion format. You may also have to write a reflective essay as a journal or use the reflective model only for a section of your assignment or essay. We have professional writers that will accurately follow details and ensure each page conforms to your point of view.


Look through our examples for the right structure of your essay or assignment.


A journal is deemed as a collection of entries people make regularly; that is, it may be daily or weekly. For instance, you may keep a reflective journal during a placement or practicum where you write daily about the tasks you performed, what you observed, and unresolved issues. It may benefit you to keep a personal journal when you get a placement, even if you do not have a set reflective task to help you keep track of lessons learnt. You can also use this journal to make observations you would like to address later with your fellow students or teachers.


You may find a professor requesting your class to write a reflective essay responding to specific events or if the need arises. In this instance, you could be asked to write your thesis based on the week's tutorial readings or after getting a complicated subject to review.


Regardless of your professor's instructions, a good writer should know that a reflective essay worthy of being called a work of art is not written solely on events. While you could set up your paper by writing about the event and your feelings towards it, true reflection requires you to tap into more profound ideas using research to support your ideologies. You should include aspects such as :

  • Your reasoning for the event's occurrence
  • reasons for your thoughts or ideas
  • how the item under review has influenced your opinion
  • what actions you would take to address the issue in the future

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Models for Reflective Writing

There are many methods to structure your reflective essay. We will focus on one of academic institutions' most widely prescribed models, the Gibbs Reflective Cycle. Here are the reflective model's parts:

  • . Describe-describe what happened
  • . Feelings-how did it make you feel?
  • . Evaluate-what was good or bad?
  • . Analyze-what sense can you make of the situation? (Include external issues)
  • . Conclude-what general and specific conclusions can you draw?
  • . Action-what next, or what will you do next time?

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