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Writing requires a good thought organization process. A college or university student can write a research proposal without a good structure. If you express your information in a convoluted way, your audience will lose interest very fast.


A dissertation proposal should conform to a certain design so as to reach your audience and adequately express your vision, mission, and objectives for the paper.


Here are the things to consider when structuring your research paper.

  1. A clear research aim
  2. A literature review
  3. Analysis of data collected
  4. Conclusions and recommendations

Your research paper is typically between 10,000 and 12,000 words. Your assessor will check if it is logically written in a way that clearly shows chapter linkage. Always remember to arrange your chapters thematically in various sections.


1. A Clear research aim

a research proposal writer should illustrate the development and direction it comes from through a research question and/or aim. You should be careful to express yourself in a clear and straightforward manner in a statement that shows what you intend to achieve.


2. A literature review

The next section that needs a lot of attention is your literature review. You need to conduct a critical analysis of relevant literature that focuses on issues related to the research topic.


This is a major part of your paper as the chapter discusses, in clear detail, credible information that is known about your research topic. It includes an in-depth comparison and questions concerning:

  • The main points of view
  • Definitions
  • Current thinking
  • Models
  • Relevant theories
  • Previous research found in literature

You should also consider other critical aspects of a quality research proposal literature review chapter. These include:

  • A gap in knowledge
  • Key issues
  • Prominent themes

A researcher can also choose to raise questions concerning the topic. This shows the essence of data collection to fill the research gap or provide answers to questions posed in the study.


3. Analysis of collected data

The importance of this chapter is to analyze the data you have collected. You need to compare this information critically to determine if it matches existing data reviewed in your previous section.


The chapter allows you to determine the accuracy of existing information on the subject in terms of different aspects.


Here is what you should consider when writing this chapter.

  • Explored definitions
  • Models
  • Relevant theories
  • Major debates/ themes
  • Previous research

Conclusions and recommendations

The final section of your paper should be a culmination of all you have written in the previous chapters. You should offer conclusions to your research question and/or aim, the main research hypotheses or objectives.


Finally, provide some recommendations for future research and practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between a dissertation and proposal?
  2. Do you need a good research paper proposal?
  3. Want to know who will write a research proposal for you?
  4. Can you write my research proposal?

1. What is The Difference Between A Dissertation And Proposal?

This is one of the most confusing parts when writing your dissertation and proposal. It is mostly confusing since you will constantly see words such as dissertation proposal and research project. Don't fret, let us breakdown these concepts to understand what each entails and their importance in academics.


A research proposal is the opening part of your actual research work. Assessors need this part completed before proceeding with the other parts of your paper. It provides your reader with the plan for choosing a certain topic. Your assessor will give you the go-ahead to write your research paper once this part is approved.


You must realize that a research proposal acts as your marketing campaign, showing the importance of your research topic to college or university professors.


A dissertation is the final stage that comes after your paper is approved by your professor. Students conducting PhD research must write dissertations reflecting the PhD proposal submitted. It can either be a qualitative or quantitative study.

2. Do you need a good research paper proposal?

Of course you need a good research proposal essay. Is it your PhD research proposal? It probably is. Your job may be taking a toll on you. Your research proposal essay is the only way to show you can do your job effectively. It may even be the reason for pursuing higher education, securing a better paying job.


Well, getting the best professional research proposal writing service provider will boost your grades 100%!

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4. Can you write my research proposal?

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