Annotated Bibliography on Gun Control

Writing an annotated bibliography is about convincing your audience of your sources’ relevance. It requires an in-depth analysis of each document to show why they would work together to defend your thesis. In this way, an annotated bibliography is a collection of information that informs the audience on a specific topic. A great annotated bibliography has several contents depending on the word limit and source content. Here is a sample annotated bibliography on gun control that provides the different components teachers look for in an annotation.


Sample Annotated Bibliography on Gun Control

AAFP. (2022). Gun violence, prevention of (position paper). American Academy of Family Physicians. Retrieved November 9, 2022, from

The AAFP is an American Academy for family physicians whose goal is to strengthen family physicians and the communities they work. It is a credible source of information on gun violence as it provides a perspective based on family. The United States has experienced increased gun violence in recent years. AAFP is a national association of family doctors, showcasing the problem based on an overarching family view of the problem. The association discerns the relevance of treating gun violence as a public health issue due to its enormous health and economic implications. It determines that governments should introduce gun control measures based on information derived from health officials. AAFP recommends extensive background checks, gun safety training, and dealing with mass shootings, domestic violence, and violent crimes. In this way, AAFP discerns that families and the general public would benefit from increased healthcare screening to assess whether a person can carry a firearm. It further allows victims to gain information on situations involving gunshot injuries, such as inter-partner violence or mass shootings. The text has various links to relevant material on gun violence from US government agencies, further boosting its relevance as a source of information. It is prudent to note the AAFP’s information provides a broad scope of information on gun control, from gun violence to gun control measures, showcasing its relevance.


Amnesty International. (2022). We need to prioritise people over guns. Amnesty International. Retrieved November 9, 2022, from

Amnesty International is a worldwide movement that has more than ten million people in over a hundred countries and territories whose goal is to end human rights abuses. The article focuses on easy access to firearms, despite their legal status, as one of the primary drivers of gun violence. It aims to campaign for laws that promote effective gun violence prevention and intervention measures to address what it terms a human rights issue. The movement deals with strict firearms regulation and reduction initiatives to reduce gun violence. It seeks to pressure the US and other governments with prevalent gun violence to impose measures that reduce access to firearms through strict background checks. This text is reliable as Amnesty International is not biased and provides information based on international studies. In this way, the text is relevant to the study as it provides information on the prevalence of gun violence in the US and its effect on communities regarding physical, psychological, and educational prospects. It further provides a solution to reduce gun violence by regulating people’s access to firearms.


Gale. (2022). Gun Control. Gale. Retrieved November 9, 2022, from

Gale is part of the Cengage Group, a global education technology organization that serves millions of learners. This is a credible source of information for K-12, higher education, library, and professional markets. The researcher used this source due to its focus on the divisive nature of gun control laws. While many Americans support individuals’ right to bear arms, they also believe the federal government has the right to regulate firearms to maintain public safety. It focuses on opposing views between the National Rifle Association (NRA) and gun control advocacy organizations such as Giffords. While Gale provides accurate information on the pros and cons of gun control, it is biased as the question involves assault rifles. This bias results in underestimating the impact of gun violence statistics, as assault rifles (the guns used) are rarely involved in gun violence. Nonetheless, it is vital as a source of information for the research as the pros of gun control are inclusive of all types. Therefore, gun control measures are applicable based on information sourced from Gale.


Kalesan, B., Mobily, M. E., Keiser, O., Fagan, J. A., & Galea, S. (2016). Firearm legislation and firearm mortality in the USA: A cross-sectional, state-level study. The Lancet387(10030), 1847–1855.

The Report’s authors are medical and legal experts. Dr. Bindu Kalesan serves as the Evans Center for Translational Epidemiology and Comparative Effectiveness Research director at the Boston University School of Medicine. Kalesan’s counterpart, Jeffrey Fagan, is a professor of epidemiology at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. Matthew Mobily works at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University. At the same time, Olivia Keiser is the head of research for the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine at the University of Bern. The final author, Sandro Galea, is the dean of the Boston University School of Public Health and the former chair of the department of epidemiology at Columbia University. The authors sought to determine the mortality rate based on gun violence and the projected reduction in this rate by enacting the three most efficient gun control mechanisms at the federal level. It is a quantitative cross-sectional study that provides mortality statistics across different states. The study is helpful because it analyzes the best gun control mechanisms used in different US states.


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