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Editing and proofreading are essential parts of any well-written paper. As experts will tell, editing is what gives the story color.

In the same line, proofreading is what gives your paper credibility. The quality of your paper decreases if it’s filled with typos, punctuation, and other grammatical anomalies. These errors undermine the trustworthiness and credibility of your research work.

Luckily, we are here to help! At, we strive to offer excellent editing and proofreading services while keeping the authors voice and tone in check. Since 2010, our hand-picked team of expert editors has been trusted with thousands of editorial documents from around the world.

Why Use Our Online Proofreading Services

When it comes to online proofreading services, you’re spoilt for options. Search for “online proofreading services” and Google will populate over 1,000,000 results of companies that claim to offer similar services at a small fee.

Some claim to offer proofreading for free.

But we all know there’s no such thing as free lunch in the 21st century. And as a smart student, you don’t want to gamble with anything that can jeopardize your future.

Alternatively, you could go for free proofreading checker—software programs and tools that can fix your work as you write it. These programs have a near unmistakable accuracy for grammatical mistakes. Better still, most are available for free

But, it’s not all roses and sunshine. After all, a bot is just a bot!

While these programs do an impeccable job at spotting grammatical errors, they have some serious flaws that can undermine the credibility of your work. For instance, they can’t identify dangling modifiers. Worst of all, they can’t tell you how to improve an argument or point out the bias in your findings.

At, you deal with real humans and in real-time. Our editors will leave queries and use comments to explain nuanced grammatical rules, and where necessary, provide suggestions. Here’s why you should choose us for all your editing and proofreading needs.

First-Language Editors

To become an editor at, a first-language editing experience is required. Every editor on our editorial team has been vetted and verified by our chief editor and are continuously tested to ensure quality is not compromised.

Moreover, all editor profiles at provide detailed information, including experience level and the editor’s language and country of birth, so you can be sure your work will be handled by experienced, first-language editors.

100+ Editors in All Time Zones

With first-language editors in different time zones—including the US, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, gives you a true, real-time editing and proofreading experience no matter where you’re based geographically.

70+ Subject Fields Covered

At, diversity is our strength. We edit and proofread work from virtually any discipline known to man. From journal editing and scientific editing to dissertation editing and content editing…we don’t leave anything to chance.

Lightning-Fast Turnaround Time

Our streamlined process coupled with editors in different time zones allows us to edit and proofread your work and return it in as little as 40 minutes, depending on content length. Just select the turnaround that meets your deadline and leave the rest to us.

Money-Back Guarantee

Our service speaks for itself. Better still, we offer free re-edits and a money-back guarantee in the event our work fails to meet your expectation.

What Will Your Editor Do?

When you select our online proofreading service, your editor will go through the document/paper, correct mistakes, and give feedback through comments. Your editor will also provide suggestions and general advice to help you become a better writer. He/she will:
Fix grammar and syntax errors—word order, sentence construction, punctuations, subject-verb agreement, etc.
Check the paper for language errors—typos, hyphenation errors, spelling, and other simple mistakes.
Correct style and tone—fix the style, remove taboo words and redundant phrases, and keep passive voice at minimum.
Provide tips and suggestions Don’t leave your well-researched paper in the hands of amateurs. Place an order today and let our professional editing and proofreading team pave the path to your academic excellence.

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