5 Paragraph Pet Peeve Essay

Everyone has experienced an overwhelming feeling bordering on annoyance at a pet peeve displayed by another person. It may be a co-worker, friend, or stranger that makes you aware of this, but everyone has a couple of pet peeves that really push their buttons. Let’s use this 5 paragraph pet peeve essay to see some of these annoying habits that many people find irritating.


It Rubs me The Wrong Way

The first thing you should note about a pet peeve is that it is not so rude and inappropriate that it warrants action. But you could consider it bothersome in a way that will leave you gnawing your teeth. Some people genuinely don’t know they are making others uncomfortable with these behaviors, but others do it just to make people angry.



Our worst and one of the top-ranking pet peeves is micro-management. Nobody likes people hovering over their shoulders; there’s no privacy! Most of us will perceive this behavior as insinuating we cannot do our work well. Despite human connection, freedom and autonomy go a long way in developing good, strong relationships. The only way to deal with a micro-management problem is to nip it in the bud. Supervisors need to trust those under their charge have the capacity to work under minimal supervision. They need to work on their own and devise ways to deal with problems without a controlling boss monitoring their every move. Trust goes a long way in dealing with micro-management issues. Your employees and those around you will thank you for letting go of their leashes.


Slurping or Munching Loudly

Slurping drinks or loud chewing really gets to some people. Few things will interrupt a tasty meal than the sound of a person loudly slurping their drink. Most people consider it rude since the sound is unpleasant. Nobody wants to be interrupted by loud munching or slurping sounds while trying to enjoy their meal. People that do this do not consider they are in public spaces and should be mindful of others. It comes down to table etiquette, a uniquely vital trait to live in harmony with others. Human beings are social beings; you need to control how you behave around others; else, the trouble of your presence will outweigh the benefits of having you at neighborhood cookouts.



Let’s get one thing straight, fashionably late is still late. Everyone has places to be, and being late could cause a rift in someone’s entire schedule. People understand that circumstances will make you late once in a while. They will also get concerned once it becomes a recurrent trait and consider it a sign of disrespect. It is frustrating to fit multiple tasks into a schedule only to have them rendered useless by someone’s improper time management. Most people don’t realize that a scheduled meeting may be late because of unforeseeable circumstances. They do not have an allowance for things beyond their control and end up annoying those they meet. It is only logical to plan with some allowance; no one is entirely in control of their environment.


Interrupting Others

The next pet peeve is something that you want to avoid if you wish to remain in people’s good graces. Interrupting someone means you do not care about their opinion or what they have to say. It gets irritating reasonably quickly and will make a person avoid someone that is always ready to turn a conversation into a monologue. Imagine if the same were to happen to you. Someone was speaking over you each time you tried to make your point. It is very annoying and frustrating. A wise person knows to stay coachable through all ages of life and never to stop learning and listening. You may lose gems of wisdom if you do not listen to others while they grow tired of your domineering behavior.


Staring at Someone’s Phone

Another trait that rubs many people the wrong way is staring at their phones. A person’s phone is a sacred and private item. In the technology age, it holds our deepest secrets and could be likened to a digital repository of our lives. Looking at a person’s screen to catch a glimpse of what they are doing is rude and will elicit hostile reactions.But this is much easier said than done, especially if you listen to Selena Gomez and put your phone down once in a while to admire your surroundings and end up seeing someone’s private chat. However you look at it, it does not seem right to spy on someone’s activities. The price of an iPhone should tell you how dearly people hold their phones, do not come between them in any way!


We DO NOT hope you relate to any of these pet peeves, but if you do, many of us have similar feelings. 

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