18 April 2023

Original Critical Thinking Essay Topics for College Students

Critical Thinking Essay Topics

Writing any creative and critical thinking essay topic requires structure, guidance, and clear steps to showcase reflective thinking.

We will explore 101 critical thinking essay topics for college students that will score highly and broaden your capacity to think critically on any subject. Here are the steps we'll use as we help you come up with excellent critical-thinking essay topics.

  1. Best critical thinking topic ideas & essay examples
  2. Good critical thinking research topics & essay examples
  3. Education and school critical thinking essay topics
  4. Most interesting critical thinking research titles
  5. Personality critical essays topics
  6. Critical essays: ideas on nature and animals
  7. Literature: critical essay prompts

Best Critical Thinking Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

Let's look at some critical thinking topic ideas that will get the creative juices. You'll be coming up with critical thinking essay questions and topics in no time. We came up with this list of topic ideas that cover a wide range of topics you may be interested in.

  1. Remote working
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Inflation in the economy
  4. Capital punishment and the prison system
  5. Health insurance
  6. Mental health
  7. Challenges of a multicultural society
  8. Impact of global warming on developing countries
  9. Education quality
  10. Stem cell research
  11. Economic development
  12. Academic performance
  13. Balanced diet
  14. The world today
  15. Crime development in poor countries
  16. Mass media
  17. Standardized tests
  18. Violent video games
  19. School authorities
  20. The judicial system
  21. Romantic relationships
  22. Peer pressure
  23. Drug abuse
  24. Euthanasia and religion
  25. Eating fast foods
  26. Computer games
  27. College football players
  28. Reality tv
  29. Fossil fuels
  30. Gender roles
  31. Plastic surgery
  32. Slave trade
  33. Bad habits
  34. Fairy tales
  35. District zoning
  36. Social issues
  37. Young people
  38. Women in politics
  39. Sex change

You can use this list to develop critical thinking essay topics for your assignments. Let's look at some efficient ways to look at different topics that would help in solving problems even in daily life.


Entertainment Ideas

We'll use the topic idea "violent video games" to come up with our critical thinking essay topics. What do you know about violence and video games? Probably some generic information like "video games have become violent over the years." We can run with this because of the contentious information on the topic.

Cruel activities in schools and online teen communities have drastically increased in recent years. This is as violent video games have exponentially risen in the gaming market. So your title might be "Could violent video games be the cause of rising aggressiveness in teenagers?"

Factors Resulting in Different Types of Juvenile Delinquency in the USA

There is a certain way to go about this. We'll mention different factors and expound on them further to show you a glimpse of how to critically analyze your material.

Juvenile delinquency is tied to violence at home. Many kids that come from dysfunctional families with at least one abusive parent that either insults their spouse, the child, or both are likely to exhibit antisocial behavior and a tendency to get into legal trouble.

Rising delinquency cases in the US also result from poor moral guidance and supervision. Children need structure to maintain proper moral behavior. Young individuals are susceptible to bad influence and require continuous guidance to develop a good moral compass. A negligent parent or guardian may not rectify adverse behavior until it is too late.

Peer pressure is a major reason that many young boys and girls find themselves on the wrong side of the law. A child does not have the mental capacity to choose between long-term goals and short-term gratification wisely. They need adult supervision for these decisions, absent of which, they may start making bad decisions such as playing hooky.

Good Critical Thinking Research Topics & Essay Examples

Creative thinking helps when it comes to writing papers that require in-depth analysis to maintain your crowd. Here are some critical thinking essay topics that may kick-start your writing process.

  1. What does global warming mean for Los Angeles?
  2. Which economic factors contribute to a solid argument to cancel strong punishments?
  3. What factors contribute to violence in "the lottery"?
  4. Why is a college degree important to most people's self-worth?
  5. How did recorded music influence music and society?
  6. What do you need to change to live a happy life?
  7. The most effective solution for climate change.
  8. Why do different cultures transmigrate in the modern world?
  9. Does plastic surgery benefit human life?
  10. How does the author's background in "of mice and men" influence the novel "?
  11. Critically analyze how students' critical thinking abilities influence their mental health.
  12. What is the value of human life? A case of euthanasia.
  13. Promoting imagination in early childhood development.
  14. Why do people tend to get fewer children in modern China?
  15. Why are the masses buying into nft, an abstract concept?
  16. Schools influencing legislative action on gun control are essential in the us.
  17. A reflective analysis of something: self-knowledge, my little brother, applied education, etc.
  18. The main points emphasized in plato's "allegory of the cave."
  19. Is quantitative tightening vital to curb us inflation?
  20. Why is continued quantitative easing bad for economies around the world?
  21. Why is bitcoin so big?
  22. Are we headed for a global economic recession?


What Does Global Warming Mean for Los Angeles?

People in Los Angeles should brace for rising temperatures with projections reaching an average of over 92.5ºF for 26 days every year by 2050. This increasing frequency and intensity of heat waves is a warning towards harsher climate conditions soon as it's happening even in areas with lower average temperatures.

This is a good opening for a critical-thinking essay on global warming in Los Angeles.

Education and School Critical Thinking Essay Topics

You can never go wrong with critical thinking essays related to school. There is a wide range of information to choose from. Let's take a look at some of the critical thinking topics that could elicit great debates.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of homework in education
  2. Should school districts make it mandatory to study art in educational establishments?
  3. The importance of implementing sex education in schools: who should do it and when?
  4. Is free college tuition a possibility in the us?
  5. Homeschooling versus going to school
  6. The differences between schools in poor school districts and their richer counterparts
  7. Are conventional methods of dealing with bullying effective for cyber-bullying cases
  8. Are there special considerations for students that wish to earn a master's degree?
  9. Going to study abroad vs. studying locally
  10. Is there a connection between going to school and finding a good job?

These are just the tip of the iceberg. You can dive deeper and find more important topics that are related to current local, national, and international issues. Let's take a look at critical thinking essay topics linked to current global relations.

Most Interesting Critical Thinking Research Titles

Choosing a generic title is good, but your teachers will appreciate it more if you put some elbow grease into your assignment. The point of giving you such homework is to boost your hunger for knowledge as you critically analyze a subject. We'll cover some essay topics that are related to what's going on around the world today.

  1. China's latest military drill is a sign of increased aggression in the south china sea.
  2. Does tiktok have safety measures to protect minors from harmful content on its site?
  3. Will Switzerland's conservative party agree to sell its tanks for $1 to Poland?
  4. Is Ai good for the hospitality industry?
  5. Is Russia's oil likely to carry them through the war in ukraine?
  6. Do violent video games contribute to increased aggressiveness in young people?
  7. Are fast food restaurants responsible for high obesity rates in south Africa?
  8. Are tiny apartments and sweltering rooftop huts a permanent fixture in Hong kong?
  9. Why did South koreans so much taller in the past 100 years?
  10. Why is Hong kong separate from mainland china?
  11. What are the likely political implications of Donald trump's indictment?
  12. What does the Chinese-brokered Saudi-Iran deal mean for the us?

Critical thinking essay topics are everywhere around us. Some of our topics may get dated, but you get the gist. We apply critical analysis every day. A critical thinker is your average Joe. Your writing process should begin with a look at global news. You may get some insight.

Personality Critical Essays Topics

Here are some critical thinking essay topics that lead to a greater understanding of different personality traits.

  1. Lord of the flies: the effects of early childhood development on your personality
  2. Personal development during teenage years
  3. Developing personal innovation capacities
  4. What is the process of developing a legal personality in international law?
  5. Development of a personal nursing philosophy
  6. Old man warner's issues with young people's personalities in the lottery
  7. Effective personal development plan for a leader
  8. Development of personal ethics
  9. Personal development in Beowulf
  10. Personal and career development plan
  11. Personal leadership development goals in of mice and men
  12. Personality development sociological memoir
  13. Development of personal teaching philosophy
  14. Cross-cultural personal development
  15. Personal development issues for people with a difficult childhood

As you've seen by now, we have integrated various books to show applied critical thinking essay topics in course materials. You now have a wider range of essay topics to choose from.

Critical Essay Ideas on Nature and Animals

Human beings, nature, and animals have a long and intertwined history together. This makes the critical thinking essay topics on nature and animals somewhat inexhaustible. Some of these topics are controversial. So you may find it difficult to come up with a good essay topic sometimes. You must have accurate facts to support your argument while shining a spotlight on what you want people to reflect critically on. Here are some topic suggestions for you.

  1. Impact of human activity on the golden eagle's habitat
  2. Impact of global warming on the great barrier reef
  3. Wildlife management in urban areas
  4. Conservation of sperm whales
  5. The impact of alternative sources of energy on wildlife
  6. Management issues in wildlife parks
  7. Wildlife management near airports
  8. The impact of fracking on aquifers
  9. Hunting in south Africa's game reserves
  10. The extinction of bees in Europe
  11. Wildlife trading of endangered animals

Critical thinking leads to optimal judgment following an objective analysis of facts. It utilizes problem-solving, reasoning, analysis, prudent decision-making, and evaluation. Our critical thinking topic ideas should help you understand the structure of a clear critical thinking process.

Literature Critical Essay Prompts

"Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time."

-Henry Ford

Do not start writing your paper without a clear path. Similar to a company that cheaps out on advertising, ignoring the importance of your title will lead to an uninspired topic that does nothing to help your essay. Here are some topics on literary criticism that necessitate a critical analysis of contentious issues.

  1. What is literary criticism?
  2. Agnosticism literary criticism
  3. Literary criticism of lord of the flies
  4. Feminist argument on literary criticism
  5. "Introducing Literary Criticism: A Graphic Guide" by Holland

How to Choose Suitable Critical Essay Topics

Choosing a topic is one of the most common searches on Google by students. Most people understand how themes help in developing a narrative. They still find it difficult to make the best choice. To tackle this problem, we've created a list of four useful tips that will guide you in topic selection.

  1. Choose a personal topic
  2. Chart your argument
  3. Eliminate bias
  4. Gather useful sources


1. Choose a Personal Topic

Your audience will feel it if you do not have passion for your topic. A compelling evaluation needs an interested writer. Your reader should feel why the topic interests you. You'll enjoy writing if you are well-versed in your topic and eagerly seek to share your opinion with others.

2. Chart Your Argument

Getting critical response essay topics is one thing, settling on solid interpretation is another. Your topic may be too broad and generic. It may also be more researched and does not require close analysis. This necessitates finding more prompts.

3. Eliminate Bias

You must possess critical thinking skills before you start writing. Doing it critically is the point. More often than not, your topic will be controversial. You must remain objective to focus on a certain theme. Consider choosing a different topic if you can't remain objective.

4. Gather Useful Sources

Sources are a big part of your writing. Start gathering sources once you decide on a topic. You could get them from online libraries and databases. Remember to use articles with a DOI. These documents will serve as the backbone of your essay. You may need to find another topic if you can't find good sources.

What Are the 5 Cs of Critical Writing?

To indoctrinate you into the academic writing world, you need an understanding of the five hierarchical qualities of good critical thinking essay writing. These are the "5 Cs" of critical writing and include:

  1. Conventionality
  2. Clarity
  3. Completeness
  4. Concision
  5. Completeness


1. Conventionality

Cambridge University defines conventionality as the tendency to act ordinarily or traditionally. This means following a certain format and style that does not deviate from other critical thinking essay papers.

2. Clarity

Being clear and lucid is an important characteristic of critical writing. You must unearth each theory presented to argue your point. This means that critical thinking essays should leave an audience with the complete picture of a situation without any form of bias resulting from the paper.

3. Completeness

Do not assume that your audience has the same amount of information as you. You must accurately articulate every point and ensure that your reader gets every bit of information from the data available on the subject. Do not leave any hanging argument. Make sure you use the standard format for a paragraph: topic sentence, supporting sentence(s), and a conclusion sentence.

4. Concision

Being concise in your critical thinking essay means eliminating any redundancies in your work. Get straight to the point and do not meander. You may leave your audience confused.

5. Completeness

A complete paper leaves no stone unturned. A well-planned essay will include the nitty-gritty details of a paper and ensure the reader leaves satisfied. The only excuse to leave your audience with questions is if this was your intention when writing the critical essay.

What Makes a Good Critical Thinking Essay?

The purpose of critical thinking essays is to help students improve their research and analytical skills. This type of writing ought to make you read the texts carefully, use methodical skepticism, find weaknesses in personal and others' arguments, utilize concepts, and clearly express reasonable thoughts.

How Do You Start a Critical Essay?

The best critical thinking essay's introduction would use a hook. This is an excellent way to get your reader's attention. You have various options in this section, where a bold statement or rhetorical question could introduce your argument strongly and push the reader to turn the pages of your work. Your introduction paragraph should also mention the name of your research material, that is, the book or work of art that you intend to analyze. Remember to include the name of the author, the work's title, and any other relevant publication details.

What Is the Relationship between Ethics and Critical Thinking?

Ethics and critical thinking skills are both important in life. It'd help to have a greater grasp of their relationship and how to use them together to make decisions. Using critical thinking skills will help you eliminate improbable choices. Ethical thinking aids in navigating scenarios that require critical analysis, acting as a filter to promote an ethical choice.



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