21 June 2023

Discovering Rich Nursing Dissertation Topics

A nurse holding a stethoscope

The field of nursing is a vast and expansive realm, offering an array of specialties and research opportunities to be investigated. This article seeks to enlighten readers on some potential dissertation ideas that are related to the practice of nursing.

These topics have been suggested as guides for healthcare professionals, students, or nurses who want to explore various aspects of their discipline. It's essential to note that these are only starting points; there is a wealth of other possibilities available in this area! 

For those looking for insight into how they can approach researching different areas within nursing, this list provides helpful guidance on what could be looked at further. Nevertheless, not just any topic must be chosen - each one should have meaning and purpose behind it if you want your dissertation project to make an impact.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Nursing Dissertation Topic

Selecting the right nursing dissertation topic is an important step in a student's academic career. It allows them to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in the field of nursing and provides insight into the research methods used in this discipline. 

With so many specialty areas within nursing, it can be difficult for students to choose just one focus issue for their project.

The good thing is that there are numerous possibilities when choosing a topic for your nursing dissertation – each offering exciting avenues for exploration that will allow you to gain greater insights into your chosen field while honing vital research competencies required to succeed professionally.

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What Makes a Good Dissertation Topic?

A good nursing dissertation topic should showcase certain essential qualities: relevance, significance, originality, feasibility, interest and passion for the subject matter, and contribution to the field.


  • The topic must be current in terms of trends and research gaps.
  • It should have practical implications on patient care or healthcare outcomes.
  • An innovative approach to the area is crucial.
  • Resources available must be taken into account when considering feasibility.
  • A personal connection with what you are researching is essential for dedication throughout your project.
  • New knowledge or evidence that may fill existing literature gaps can genuinely make an impactful contribution to advancing the discipline of nursing.
  • Ethical considerations such as informed consent must also be upheld at all times during research conduct.

Now let us look at the vital nursing research areas and some of the best topics you can select from.

Image written ‘Environmental Health’

Environmental Health Dissertation Topics

  1. How can rural primary care be improved during natural disasters?
  2. Rare diseases: Impact of fundraising campaigns on public awareness
  3. Poor hygiene standards and public health: Focus on food poisoning
  4. Addressing environmental hazards through community nursing in disadvantaged areas
  5. Coping mechanisms for mental illness among refugees in armed conflicts
  6. Climate change and environmental health: Protecting vulnerable populations
  7. Exploring strategies for preventing environmental food poisoning
  8. Workloads' impact on nurses' health: What are the effects?
  9. Streamlining grant allocation for community infrastructure improvement
  10. Urban healthcare technology: Remote treatments for chronic illnesses
  11. Government policies for tuberculosis prevention: preventing major epidemics


COVID-19 Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. What are the mental health needs of patients with long-term COVID-19 symptoms?
  2. Nurses' workflows and duties changed during the pandemic for providing care
  3. Virtual care use for mental health patient counseling following COVID-19
  4. Factors influencing adherence rates among newly diagnosed COVID-19 patients
  5. How can existing mental health services adapt to evolving patient needs?
  6. Public perceptions of risk and protective behaviors during the pandemic
  7. Disparities in access to mental health services following COVID-19 restrictions
  8. Different models for delivering palliative care during high demand
  9. Impact of increased emotional distress on frontline healthcare workers
  10. New methods for using technology to educate lay people about mental health issues
Silhouette of man with many question marks next to a brain with the words mental health written above it.

Mental Health Dissertation Topics

  1. How do nurses manage post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in patients?
  2. Nurses' perceptions of ethics when caring for mental illnesses patients
  3. Addressing mental disorders: effective psychiatric treatment interventions
  4. Supporting family members: nurses' approaches to severe depression
  5. Promoting patient compliance: nurses and long-term psychiatric treatments
  6. Burnout syndrome among hospital staff: factors in managing mental illness
  7. Reducing suicidal behaviors: effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy
  8. Enhancing communication skills: nurses interacting with Schizophrenia
  9. Collaboration methods: primary care providers and psychiatrists
  10. Analyzing mental health services in rural contexts
  11. Coping with postpartum depression: best practices for mothers


Critical Care Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. How effective are simulation exercises in educating Critical Care Nurses?
  2. What interventions address chronic and acute pain among critically ill patients?
  3. How nurse staffing levels shape outcomes in critically ill patients
  4. How do Critical Care Nurses effectively manage complex patient cases?
  5. How do Critical Care Nurses offer vital support to families in crisis?
  6. Evidence-based nursing practices for life-threatening illnesses are essential
Occupational health and safety written between medical equipment

Occupational Health and Safety Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Occupational health nurses: preventive measures for safe work
  2. Comprehensive risk assessments: practical guidelines in workplaces
  3. Workplace safety standards: national and international regulations
  4. Successful technological solutions in nursing occupational settings
  5. Ethical issues in healthcare: conflicting stakeholder interests
  6. Occupational health concerns: work pressure in clinical settings


Child Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Nursing theory's impact on pediatric care: what's the connection?
  2. Improving rural child healthcare: strategies for accessible quality care
  3. Enhancing rural child healthcare: strategies for quality access
  4. Community nursing practice: is there impact on child mortality rates?
  5. Nutrition programs and children's health: examining the impact
  6. Stressful life events: effects on mental health and birth outcomes
  7. Technology in pediatric diagnosis: advancing early-onset detection
  8. Parental involvement in pediatrics: impact on patient outcomes
  9. Community nursing practice: influences on child mortality rates
  10. Home visiting programs for high-risk families: evaluating effectiveness
Doctor and two nurses talking

Community Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. How can community nursing support elderly patients in their homes?
  2. Best practices for clinical management models in community nursing
  3. How can psychiatric mental health be improved in community nursing?
  4. The impact of technology on community nursing and patient care
  5. How do health organizations approach preventive measures in community nursing?


Nursing Practices and Clinical Management Dissertation Topics

  1. Nursing and the clergy: effective coping strategies in collaboration
  2. Social care models in long-term care: evaluating effectiveness
  3. Do hospital staff adhere to hygiene and infection control guidelines?
  4. Gender bias in women's healthcare: impact on quality of care
  5. Patient education in pediatric hospitals: impact on knowledge retention
  6. Accessibility challenges for low-income families in rural primary care
  7. Nursing practice in resource-poor settings: impact on developing countries
  8. Nurses and medical technologies: implementing innovation in practice
  9. Holistic nursing for elderly cancer patients: benefits and outcomes
  10. Pain management strategies in hospitals: addressing acute and chronic pain
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Health Organizations' Dissertation Topics

  1. How effective are nuclear waste disposal strategies in mitigating risk?
  2. Analyzing the efficacy of critical care courses across different regions
  3. What challenges do nurses face in adult intensive care units?
  4. Investigating the impact of environmental hazards on public health outcomes
  5. Can local sanitation practices reduce infectious diseases in communities?
  6. Understanding the role of community-based nursing resources in developed nations
  7. Assessing availability and accessibility of medical supplies in rural versus urban settings
  8. How effective are critical care courses offered in different regions?
  9. Examining the effectiveness of nuclear waste disposal strategies in risk mitigation
  10. What is the impact of environmental hazards on public health?


Palliative Care Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. How does patient education impact quality of life in palliative care?
  2. The impact of patient education on quality of life in palliative care
  3. What are the outcomes of family interventions in palliative care?
  4. Family interventions and their outcomes in palliative care
  5. Do interdisciplinary teams effectively manage pain symptoms in advanced cancer?
  6. The effectiveness of interdisciplinary teams in managing pain symptoms
  7. How can evidence-based practice strategies benefit nurses in palliative care?
  8. The utilization and benefits of evidence-based practice in palliative care
  9. Cultural competency issues when caring for individuals in palliative treatment
  10. Cultural competency issues in healthcare professionals caring for palliative patients
Evidence-based practice written above a nurse next to an evidence board

Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) In Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. How do nurses incorporate evidence into clinical practice effectively?
  2. Understanding nurses' incorporation of evidence into clinical practice
  3. Can education impact nurses' intention to use evidence-based practices?
  4. Examining factors influencing patient compliance with nursing interventions
  5. What factors influence patient compliance with nursing interventions?
  6. The impact of education on nurses' intention to use evidence-based practices
  7. Attitudes toward evidence-based practices among healthcare professionals
  8. Different approaches to the implementation of evidence-based practice
  9. What are healthcare professionals' attitudes toward evidence-based practices?
  10. Approaches to effective implementation strategies for evidence-based practice


Nursing Theory and Models Dissertation Topics

  1. How does Florence Nightingale's environmental adaptation theory apply to modern healthcare?
  2. What is the impact of social networks on patient outcomes in medical settings?
  3. How do nurse-to-patient ratios and staff turnover rates affect clinical practices?
  4. What factors influence patient well-being and access to healthcare services?
  5. The role of technology, specifically telemedicine applications, in healthcare delivery
  6. The importance of adherence to evidence-based guidelines in nursing care
  7. Implementation strategies for evidence-based protocols in healthcare settings
  8. Investigating approaches to promoting self-care and resilience among nurses and patients
Public health written above cartoon doctor speaking in front of a microphone with hand sanitizer in the background

Public Health Dissertation Topics

  1. How do changes in environmental regulation impact public health outcomes?
  2. The impact of policy reforms on public health outcomes
  3. The implications of physical activity on body weight status among adults
  4. Factors associated with rising rates of obesity among children and adolescents?
  5. Factors contributing to the rise in obesity among children and adolescents
  6. The relationship between income disparity and infant mortality rates across countries
  7. Comparing evidence-based interventions for veterans with PTSD
  8. The role of economic inequality in infant mortality rates
  9. Associations between physical activity levels and body weight status among adults
  10. Which mental health treatments are most effective for veterans with PTSD?


Holistic Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Holistic nursing practices in conventional healthcare settings
  2. What are the benefits of aromatherapy and its impact on patient outcomes?
  3. How effective is yoga as an intervention for disease prevention?
  4. What is the role of massage therapy in pain management and reduction?
  5. Is acupuncture a useful primary treatment option in healthcare?
  6. The impact of meditation in stress management programs for nurses
  7. Comparing alternative medicine therapies in mental health care delivery
  8. The impact of Reiki on physical well-being for patients with chronic illnesses
  9. Herbal remedies used in palliative care and end-of-life support services
  10. The importance of nutritional counseling in overall quality care
Nursing education written above nurses in vocational training and a nurse pointing to a light bulb above her on their right side

Nursing Education Dissertation Topics

  1. How can community nurses empower vulnerable populations through education?
  2. Strategies to improve healthcare professionals' training in public hospitals
  3. What strategies enhance knowledge acquisition in marginalized communities?
  4. Investigating student learning needs during clinical placements
  5. Improving training practices among professionals in public hospitals
  6. The impact of reflective practice on clinical decision making
  7. How does technology impact the delivery of nursing education?
  8. Comparative analysis of healthcare system reform approaches in different countries
  9. Exploring how technology impacts nursing education delivery
  10. What challenges do nursing students face during clinical placements?


Midwifery Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. What is the role of mental health counseling during pregnancy?
  2. How does depression in expectant mothers impact fetal development?
  3. Can private healthcare providers effectively provide antenatal care?
  4. What are the barriers to accessing maternity services for low-income families?
  5. How community midwives support at-risk pregnant women in pregnancy
  6. Enhancing communication between primary care physicians and community midwives
Geriatric nursing written above a nurse with a stethoscope next to an old lady inside a picture frame

Geriatric Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. How do nursing practices impact mental health issues among elderly patients?
  2. What are the health risks associated with delirium among older adults?
  3. What barriers do frail elderly people face when accessing healthcare services?
  4. How can quality indicators be assessed for gerontological care programs?
  5. Postoperative pain management strategies among elderly surgical patients
  6. What are the risk factors contributing to social isolation in old age?
  7. Pain management in elderly surgical patients to improve recovery
  8. End-of-life care preferences of solitary senior citizens
  9. Innovative interventions for enhancing cognitive functioning in older adults
  10. Fall prevention protocols for seniors living at home
  11. Comparing nutritional needs of vulnerable elders across countries


Maternal Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. How does evidence-based nursing practice enhance maternal and child health?
  2. Factors impacting access to quality care for mothers in rural areas
  3. How does trauma during pregnancy or delivery affect postpartum depression?
  4. Cultural influences on parental decision-making in childbirth practices
  5. Optimizing mental health patients care for mothers with postpartum depression
  6. Barriers when treating maternal illnesses in low-income populations
  7. Investigating connections between environmental factors and mental health problems
  8. Social policy's impact on infant mortality due to poor nutrition and hygiene
  9. Innovative strategies by nurses for high-risk pregnancy and birth care
  10. Trends in nurse training for safer labor and delivery processes
  11. Cost-effective telemedicine for remote monitoring of mother-child bonding after birth
Person reading a book next to scales, a law compliance badge and nursing ethics and law written on the right side

Nursing Ethics and Law Dissertation Topics

  1. How does mental illness intersect with healthcare and law?
  2. Current practices in developing evidence-based nursing theories
  3. How do critical care courses impact nurses' perception of professionalism?
  4. The effect of community nursing services on quality improvement
  5. Consequences for nurse practitioners in urban settings regarding environmental health
  6. The influence of recent changes in nursing legislation on ethical decision-making
  7. Enhancing clinical governance strategies within hospitals through innovation.
  8. Healthcare workers' moral development and its impact on patient behavior
  9. Prevalence and causes of medication errors among hospital staff for improved safety
  10. Adherence to legal regulations when treating pediatric clients with special needs


How You Can Choose a Dissertation Topic

Exploring nursing dissertation topics starts with identifying your own interests and strengths. Countries that are more developed offer a wide range of research options in different specialties. Nurse practitioners may focus on health promotion or primary care delivery, while clinical nurses can explore pain management or end-of-life care.

Additionally, you can assess how these concepts apply to developing countries' unique needs. Educators might study curriculum development or new teaching techniques for varying settings too. 

Note: Before deciding on the topic, perform an extensive literature review to ensure relevance and feasibility; this will give insight into what's already been done in the field about it. Asking experts questions could also help refine hypotheses before writing up a proposal for approval from a university panel or other governing body. 

Someone reading a book titled, ‘how to write a nursing dissertation proposal’

How To Write a Nursing Dissertation Proposal

Now that you have a dissertation topic, it is time to write your nursing dissertation proposal.

If you do not know how, read on.


Step One of Crafting a Nursing Dissertation Proposal

Take a deep dive into potential topics for your nursing dissertation by exploring specialties like adult health care, pediatric medicine, geriatric care, and mental health. 

Compare treatments between developed and developing countries.

Probe innovative patient management techniques or investigate strategies used to introduce new technologies in healthcare settings.


Step Two of Crafting a Nursing Dissertation Proposal

The next step involves writing the proposal itself. Creating an effective proposal requires careful attention to detail. To start, it's essential to provide a thorough background on the topic and any related research performed in the past.

Include clear methodology details regarding data collection and analysis, along with projected timelines for each project phase. 

Thirdly, crafting concise yet comprehensive content is critical for giving your proposal structure and providing guidance throughout its duration.

line and bar graph on the left side of the image and a hand with a finger pointing up on the right side

The Last Step of Crafting a Nursing Dissertation Proposal

In order to create a successful nursing dissertation proposal, it's important to adhere to established conventions while crafting something unique and original.

To ensure this is achieved: establish a structure for the document; use precise language that avoids jargon; make sure arguments are based on evidence from reliable sources; include references as necessary; and check details when proofreading/editing prior to submission.

Finally, ethical and safety considerations must be considered throughout the investigation process to guarantee participant safety at all stages of research.


Should You Select a Qualitative or Quantitative Research Approach for Your Nursing Dissertation?

Choosing between a qualitative or quantitative research approach for nursing dissertation depends on several factors.

When deciding which to use, you must consider the following:

  • The nature of your research question and objectives.
  • The type of data needed.
  • The sample size and feasibility of recruiting participants.
  • The context and setting of the study.
  • Available resources like time, funding and expertise.

For questions exploring experiences, perceptions or meanings related to a phenomenon - opt for qualitative methods such as interviews or observations. On the other hand, if you’re aiming to measure variables or test hypotheses - go with quantitative approaches that involve numerical data from surveys or experiments.

It is vital to note that qualitative studies usually require more time while quantitative ones may need statistical software for analysis but may also be done on larger samples sizes enabling better generalizability in results.

In short: decide based not just on topic but also availability and technical proficiency required.

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Get Reliable Help With Nursing Dissertation From Us

As a nurse researcher, selecting the right research topic can be difficult. You must explore your specialty and consider up-to-date issues in developed and developing countries' healthcare systems.

The good thing is that we can use various resources and techniques, such as journals, books on nursing practice, and dissertations from former students, to help you stay informed about global health trends and come up with proper research.

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