28 October 2023

166 Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

Writing interesting persuasive essay topics can challenge any high school or college student. Nonetheless, it is an exciting paper that allows you to demonstrate your claim on a particular issue and enables your readers to perceive this perspective. In this article, you will encounter various stimulating and challenging topics to help you develop a convincing and captivating essay. We have you covered regardless of your interests, whether in politics, social, or environmental issues. Join us as we explore some enthralling persuasive essay topics that will excite and engage your audience!

  1. The influence of social media on societal violence
  2. The relevance of recycling in plastic management
  3. The advantages of regular exercise
  4. The benefits of drinking water regularly
  5. The hazards of smoking
  6. The benefits of strict gun control laws
  7. The impact of violent video games on adolescents
  8. The advantages of vegetarianism
  9. The significance of sex education in high school
  10. The importance of teaching arts in school
  11. The risks of climate change
  12. The advantages of renewable energy sources
  13. The necessity for rigorous animal cruelty legislation
  14. The significance of multiplicity and inclusion in government agencies
  15. The advantages of community services for truant students
  16. The advantages of volunteering
  17. The perils of genetically modified nutrition
  18. The influence of technology on individual affiliations
  19. The necessity for universal healthcare
  20. The advantages of early childhood learning
  21. The significance of mental health discernment
  22. The risks of cyberbullying
  23. The effects of globalization on native economies
  24. The advantages of learning music in high school
  25. The requisite for stringent penalties for animal cruelty
  26. The relevance of uniform pay for equal work
  27. The disadvantages of fast food ingestion
  28. The advantages of contemplation and mindfulness
  29. The influence of online interaction on mental wellness
  30. The prerequisite for stringent procedures on therapeutic organizations
  31. The advantages of increased financial literacy in high school education
  32. The disadvantages of texting and driving
  33. The advantages of homeschooling
  34. The bearing TV shows and violent games have on adolescents
  35. The advantages of strict guidelines on the food industry
  36. The significance of timely cancer detection
  37. The advantages of renewable energy sources over petroleum usage
  38. The perils of substance abuse
  39. The significance of electoral voting
  40. The effect of technology on job loss
  41. The necessity for stringent immigration laws
  42. The advantages of practicing mindfulness and gratitude
  43. The benefits of democracy and free speech
  44. The advantages of facial recognition technology in public schools

You could choose to go a different way and focus on funny persuasive essay topics like "Why crows make the best pet birds" or "Why the mosquito is the best assassin in the world." Whether you're looking for essay topics for kids, middle school, or university students, use reliable and contemporary information to attract your readers.

Writing a good persuasive essay will require a lot of research, and we understand the intense pressure students face to deliver high-quality papers on time. Getting a site like My Custom Essays to help you with the assignment could alleviate this problem. However, if you have the time and expertise to do it yourself, join us as we explore ways in which you can select the best persuasive essay topics for your assignments.

Persuasive Essay Topics for Elementary Students

Elementary school-aged kids can learn how to communicate and express themselves well through persuasive writing. With a surplus of good persuasive essay topics presented, elementary students can investigate different matters, foster critical thinking abilities, and boost their capacity to portray arguments successfully. We will now investigate some fascinating persuasive essay topics relevant for elementary school kids, emboldening them to express themselves critically.

  1. Should teachers give homework to students?
  2. Why is school important?
  3. Why are school uniforms necessary?
  4. Why is recycling good?
  5. Should schools allow cell phones?
  6. Why should we be kind to people?
  7. Should schools ban junk food?
  8. Why should you brush your teeth?
  9. Should we abolish zoos?
  10. Should we protect endangered wildlife?
  11. Should children have chores?
  12. Why is it necessary to eat a balanced diet?
  13. Should teachers allow pets in school?
  14. Why should kids be respectful?
  15. Should children play a part in their schooling?
  16. Why should we save water?
  17. Should schools take bullying more seriously?
  18. Is exercise good for you?
  19. Should children have a curfew?
  20. Why should schools be environmentally friendly?
  21. Should schools make uniforms mandatory?
  22. Should kids be honest?
  23. Why should kids have their own money?
  24. Should we follow the rules?
  25. Should students take part in community service?
  26. Is it worth being a good friend?
  27. Should we let kids have screen time?
  28. Should we embrace inclusivity in school?
  29. Why should kids have a role in making school rules?
  30. Why should we be responsible?
  31. Why should schools ban sugary drinks?
  32. Why should you be a good listener?
  33. Why should schools have a long recess?
  34. Is it reasonable to be grateful?
  35. Why should learners get money management training?
  36. Why should we help animals?
  37. Why should kids have part-time work?
  38. Why should kids have good manners?
  39. Why should kids help in managing class activities?
  40. Should we support cultural inclusivity?


Good persuasive essay topics allow elementary school kids to voice their opinions, contemplations, and attitudes. By conducting persuasive writing, these students gain critical thinking skills and understand the effectiveness of good communication. This allows kids to bolster their confidence and have the capacity to pose arguments convincingly. Elementary school students also have the potential to advocate for changes in the world if they have good persuasive essay topics to work on.

Persuasive Essay Ideas

Are you looking for creativity to fuel your persuasive essay? We have just what you’re looking for. This section provides persuasive essay ideas that will likely boost your creativity and critical thinking skills. From investigating social justice issues to delving into environmental topics, these persuasive essay ideas will question your viewpoint and aid you in coming up with a captivating claim. Whether you are in elementary school, want to make a difference, or are a veteran writer looking for new ideas, this catalog will surely motivate you to write a great persuasive essay.

  1. The significance of voting in college elections
  2. The advantages of exercise for mental wellbeing
  3. The necessity for changes in school social policies
  4. The effect of social media on older adults
  5. The advantages of employing sex education in high school
  6. The perils of texting and driving
  7. The significance of teaching financial literacy in secondary school
  8. The importance of strict retributions for animal cruelty
  9. The advantages of renewable energy resources
  10. The effects of climate change on polar icecaps
  11. The benefits of school uniforms
  12. The advantages of implementing stricter regulations on fast food chains
  13. The advantages of arts education in elementary school
  14. The significance of mental illness and health awareness
  15. The perils of plastic pollution
  16. The effects of technology on individual connections
  17. The advantages of imposing community service on minor offenses
  18. The benefits of volunteering for college admission
  19. The importance of bridging the gender pay gap
  20. The dangers of imposing strict regulation on pharmaceutical organizations
  21. The hazards of substance abuse
  22. The advantages of inclusive immigration reform
  23. Why is Grendel a flat character in Beowulf?
  24. The advantages of teaching music in junior secondary school
  25. The significance of early childhood education
  26. The effect of violent movies on teenagers
  27. The benefits of physical education at a young age
  28. The psychological issues linked to cyberbullying
  29. The benefits of stringent regulation on labeling of food
  30. The benefits of holistic medication
  31. The advantages of empathetic learning in elementary school
  32. The effects of digital learning on students' mental wellbeing
  33. The benefits of regulation on texting while walking
  34. The advantages of waste management in controlling illnesses in cities
  35. The benefits of cultural diversity in administration
  36. The drawbacks of cigarette smoke on lifespan
  37. The benefits of stringent policies in the cosmetic industry
  38. The advantages of traditional classrooms
  39. The effect of online advertising on toddlers
  40. The drawbacks of online engagement for privacy in the digital age
  41. The benefits of increased regulation on data protection
  42. The benefits of learning a foreign language for modern business


‍Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

  1. The drawbacks of animal testing in the pharmaceutical industry
  2. The benefits of initiating global action against global warming
  3. The effects of social media on teenage productivity
  4. The connection between strong gun control regulation and reduced gun-related felonies
  5. The benefits of regular exercise on the immune system
  6. The effects of comprehensive sex education on decreasing frequencies of teenage abortions
  7. The dangerous effects of texting and driving
  8. The advantages of going green: a call for renewable energy sources
  9. The effect of environmental degradation on marine ecosystems
  10. The benefits of school uniforms in promoting inclusivity
  11. The economic effect of plastic pollution on the fishing industry
  12. A healthy balance between face-to-face interaction and technology
  13. Exploring how volunteering expands a community’s inclusivity
  14. Examining how equal pay promotes economic development
  15. The need for better health training and education in neglected areas
  16. The influence of substance abuse on adolescent capacity to develop healthy relationships
  17. The responsibility of digital media in endorsing impractical beauty standards
  18. The advantages of learning classical music in school
  19. The relevance of studying good mannerisms in early childhood education
  20. The devastating influence of violent video games on adolescent minds
  21. The drawbacks of universal healthcare in Europe
  22. The correlation between physical wellness and high grades
  23. The connotation of cyberbullying on the development of self-esteem among teenagers
  24. The necessity for greater regulation of food advertising
  25. Using meditation to eliminate anxiety among college students
  26. Enhancing financial literacy to boost economic equality
  27. The disadvantages of employing social media to boost self-esteem
  28. The use of legislation to regulate underage drinking
  29. Eliminating the dependence on limited resources and boosting sustainability
  30. Reducing the wealth gap through the provision of equal financial knowledge
  31. Reducing the contamination of water through the diversion of waste from landfills
  32. The possibility of transmitting antibiotic genetic makers using genetically modified food
  33. The necessity for strict regulation of the pharmaceutical industry
  34. The advantages of offering a customized college education system for advanced learners
  35. The effect of targeted marketing on adolescents
  36. The benefits of fraud-detection software in contemporary society
  37. The advantages of learning mandarin in modern society
  38. The advantages of using standardized testing mechanisms in school
  39. Eradicating financial scams by teaching learners about financial literacy
  40. Eradicating the power of tobacco marketing to diminish youth initiation

What is The Difference Between a Persuasive Essay and a Persuasive Speech?

The primary disparity between a persuasive essay and a persuasive speech entails the medium and mode of delivery.

A persuasive essay is a type of academic writing whose author seeks to persuade the audience to consent to the writer’s opinion or viewpoint. This type of paper is well-defined and has an introduction, body paragraphs with supporting evidence and arguments, and a conclusion. Using persuasive language skills, logical reasoning, and rhetorical devices are indispensable in a persuasive essay to persuade the reader.

In contrast, a persuasive speech involves orally presenting your argument to an audience to persuade them to take up a particular standpoint or action. It means using vocal delivery, spoken words, visual aids, and body language to convince the spectators. The orator usually has conscious interaction and direct feedback from the audience.


Let’s consider some crucial differences between a persuasive essay and a persuasive speech:

  1. Delivery mode
  2. Physical presence
  3. Time constraints
  4. Visual aids
  5. Immediate feedback


1.   Delivery Mode

As their names imply, persuasive speeches and essays differ in delivery. A persuasive essay is conveyed in written form, while its speech counterpart comes in an oral form. In this sense, students need to fact-check themselves when writing a persuasive essay. Take care not to plagiarize your content. If you are using your previous assignments, cite yourself properly to avoid losing marks or getting expelled. Learn how to avoid self-plagiarism in this article.

2.   Physical Presence

A persuasive essay convinces its audience using influential articles of writing. In this instance, it does not connect with its reader as a persuasive speech entails face-to-face communication with the spectators, allowing for eye contact, vocal variations, and body language. This can boost the persuasive effect.

3.   Time Constraints

A good persuasive essay must be exhaustive and elaborate. You would be writing on a piece of paper, where all you should adhere to is your assignment’s deadline. Conversely, a speech is habitually delivered within a particular time limit, requiring succinct and impactful claims.

4.   Visual Aids

Persuasive essays are written and do not have a visual aspect. In contrast, a speech utilizes aids like multimedia elements, props, and slides to improve the audience’s engagement and understanding.

5.   Immediate Feedback

A student receives feedback on their persuasive essay later than when they submit their assignment in the form of grades or comments. An orator determines the audience’s engagement and reaction to their speech. They can observe and adjust their oration in real-time.


Despite the similarities in the strategies and purposes —to persuade— the method and reporting style differ because of the medium and mode of delivery variations.

Excellent Tips on Writing a Persuasive Essay

Are you interested in improving your persuasive essay writing skills? Look no further; this section will give you fantastic tips on developing a captivating and engaging persuasive essay. You may be a student with an assignment or a novice writer trying to improve your skills. Whatever the case, employing these great ideas and helpful tactics will give you the necessary tools to persuade your readers. From developing effective thesis statements to using persuasive strategies, follow us as we delve into the primary facets of persuasive essay writing.

1. Select A Fascinating Subject

Choosing a compelling topic to address is your first task. The subject must be exciting and utilize sufficient evidence to augment your claims.

2. Appreciate Your Readers

It is crucial to understand your audience. Determine your paper’s readers and develop your arguments to meet their interests, beliefs, and values.

3. Conduct Thorough Research

This is essential to writing a good persuasive essay. You must employ credible sources to convince the audience about the authenticity and accuracy of your claims. This also gives you a succinct understanding of the subject.

3. Create A Strong Thesis Statement:

Arguably the heart of your essay, a clear thesis statement demonstrates your argument or position on a topic assertively and concisely. Developing a good thesis statement also guides students as they write each paper section.

4. Effective Essay Organization

Demonstrate your argument or position articulately. Your language must posit a clear and logical structure with an introduction and body paragraphs and culminating with a sensible conclusion paragraph.

5. Apply Persuasive Rhetoric and Language

Use persuasive methods like ethos, pathos, and logos to attract your reader and appeal to their logic, values, and emotions.

6. Give Solid Evidence

Back up your claims with reliable statistics, examples, evidence, and expert notions to boost the persuasiveness of your claims.

7. Tackle Counterarguments

You should address counterarguments by recognizing and disproving opposing perspectives to boost your arguments’ strength and exhibit thorough analysis.

8. Elicit The Reader’s Emotions

A robust persuasive essay uses vivid language, anecdotes, and storytelling to arouse emotions and develop a link with the reader.

9. Revise Your Paper

Edit your essay to improve its persuasive impact by improving its coherence and clarity. Check your paper for punctuation mistakes and other issues like spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure your arguments have sufficient backing throughout your paper. Deliberate getting feedback from your mentors or peers to advance your essay further.


Remember that an exemplary persuasive essay needs a solid argument, credible evidence, and efficient persuasion practices. Good research, planning, and revision will enable you to develop a captivating and persuasive paper.


Important Qualities For A Persuasive Essay

The best subject for your persuasive essay should be subjective and is linked to several factors like the audience, your knowledge, and interests. In this instance, such a persuasive topic must possess the following qualities:

  1. Relevance
  2. Controversy
  3. Personal connection
  4. Adequate supporting evidence
  5. Novelty
  6. Impact


1.   Relevance

Select an up-to-date subject important to your reader or the broader society. Choosing a topic that relates to a modern phenomenon to elicit emotion from your audience.

2.   Controversy

A general topic with no particular standpoint will not attract readers. Individuals are drawn in by topics with varying opinions, and that sparks debates. Choosing a controversial topic will enable you to write a strong persuasive argument.

3.   Personal Connection

You should also consider choosing a subject that interests you if possible. This could be a topic that you have personal experience with or one that you’re passionate about. Check out this article on "Why is the veteran important?" to get a sense of how you can structure your essay to address a subject that most people hold dear. Using this method could boost your essay’s emotional appeal and authenticity.

4.   Adequate Supporting Evidence

Writing a persuasive essay without considering where you’ll get your information is a bad idea. Make sure your paper has sufficient credible information to augment the claims and refute possible counterarguments.

5.   Novelty

Think through the subject you’ll explore before starting the writing process. It should be a distinct or vaguely discussed topic with tremendous potential, evidencing fresh viewpoints and engaging your audience.

6.   Impact

Consider getting subjects with the possibility of boosting positive outcomes or change to elicit in-depth thoughts in the minds of your readers.

For instance, writing on topics such as the effect of technology on communities, animal rights, gender equality, gun control, or climate change offers you the chance to write a great persuasive essay. They are controversial, relevant, and have immense societal influence. Ultimately, choosing the “best” topic involves researching how it aligns with your reader’s interests. It would further enable you to persuade the reader with evidence, research, and engaging arguments.

Choosing A Good Persuasive Essay Topic

Selecting a good persuasive essay topic is a prerequisite to writing engaging subjects. Choosing an applicable and compelling topic makes your paper relatable and gives you a point to focus on throughout the writing process. Here are some excellent tips that will enable you to develop a good persuasive essay idea. 

1.   Take Your Audience Into Account

Consider your essay’s readers and determine the topics likely to interest them. Try to resonate with your reader and structure your topic to attract a particular audience. Customize your topic to suit your specific audience.


2.   Choose A Subject You Are Enthusiastic About

Writing fun persuasive essay topics trumps choosing an uphill battle. Some students choose topics they do not care about, making the process grueling. Selecting a topic you are passionate about will make your essay more engaging and gratifying.

3.   Research The Subject

Choose a topic with a host of resources to back your essay. Your material should be credible to augment your claims and avoid contradictions. A good persuasive essay topic should have an assortment of trustworthy sources to draw upon.

4.   Choose A Modern or Controversial Persuasive Essay

A timely subject will spark debate, making it more stimulating and appealing. Consider writing your paper on topics pertinent to modern society or issues that provoke intense discussions and opinions.

5.  Refine Your Topic To A More Specific Focus

Choosing a particular angle or aspect of a larger topic can improve the effectiveness and focus of your essay. For instance, rather than writing your entire essay on “climate change,” you may narrow down the topic to “the effect of deforestation on climate change.”

6.   Discuss The Counterarguments

Whether you are writing a controversial persuasive essay or not, a strong paper needs to discuss opposing outlooks and tackle them efficiently. Select a topic that enables you to interpret varying opinions to develop a well-rounded argument.

7.   Customize The Topic

Link your topic to an individual observation or experience if possible. You will boost the paper’s authenticity while adding greater emotional appeal to your audience.


Remember to select a subject that you are comfortable writing about. Your reader should feel confident in your argument to elicit compelling claims augmented by evidence. Use fascinating methods to grab your readers' attention from the start. Look at this article to get captivating hook examples you can use to engage your audience from the start.

5 Examples Of Persuasive Essay Topics

Writing an interesting persuasive essay topic is important to scoring high grades. Here are some examples of these topics that will get you started on your writing journey.

  1. Should schools enhance their bans on smartphones in their vicinity?
  2. Should governments impose stricter regulations on animal testing to adhere to ethical issues?
  3. Should governments impose a living wage instead of a minimum wage?
  4. Are human beings the primary destroyers of the climate, inducing global warming and overall climate change?
  5. Is it possible to ban plastic bags entirely?

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