21 June 2023

218 Narrative Essay Topics

218 narrative essay topics

When some high school students get a narrative essay for their homework, they believe they must air out their laundry, but that's rarely the case. Anyone can create a beautiful and captivating story that describes memorable events in fine detail.


Your narrative essay could also be about your role model. The first thing you must do to come up with a masterpiece is to take your time coming up with great narrative essay topics. You can find numerous ideas online but scroll on to find the best selection prepared by experts.


Before you rummage around old assignments for a topic idea, look at this list of interesting narrative essay topics. They will inspire you in unimaginable ways and get you on your way to writing that masterpiece. Without further ado, let's get to the best narrative essay topics for your assignment!

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Narrative Essay Topic Ideas • Narrative Essay Titles

The greatest responsibility you have when writing narrative essays is to make sure you are impressionable. This means writing great narrative essay topics. Let's get those juices flowing with some ideas for the essay.

  1. The most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you
  2. The most embarrassing experience in the Iraq war
  3. An experience that gave you business acumen
  4. Your most frightening experience as a child
  5. An experience that showed you the value of trust
  6. How you learnt to overcome fear
  7. An unpleasant experience that showed you an important life lesson
  8. A harrowing experience that taught you to appreciate life
  9. One memorable day with a family member
  10. A personal narrative concerning a success story

While some are pretty straightforward, others are a bit of a thinker. You have the liberty to experiment with these topics by conducting a bit of research. For example, you could come up with life lessons from a memorable trip with family members. Go try it out. We'll explore some more personalized essay topics in the next section.

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Best Narrative Essay Topics: Funny, Personal, Literacy, and Fictional Ideas

Are you looking for material for your research paper? Researching an engaging story is crucial to engaging high school students and faculty with your writing. Read this part for timely answers to questions on the best topic ideas for funny, literacy, personal, and fictional ideas.

  1. My virgin flight to Asia
  2. Best memories of my high school
  3. My hopes upon completing college
  4. A memorable trip to Mexico
  5. A friend in disguise: sheep-in-wolf clothing
  6. An accident I was involved in
  7. The journey ahead: Living through end-stage capitalism
  8. A life-changing event that happened in high school
  9. An experience with cybercrime and its personal effects
  10. Experiencing unequal employment opportunities as a teenager
  11. My favorite meal: Barbequed meat with anything on top
  12. Experiencing psychological torture as a teenage American
  13. How I maintain an effective work-life balance
  14. The most important life lesson I got from school
  15. My realization of the existence of double-faced people
  16. The most memorable people in my life
  17. How I survived a shark attack
  18. How do I keep my personal and professional lives separate?
  19. My favorite teacher in grade school
  20. My experience with Covid-19: physical, social, and economic issues
  21. My most memorable punishment at home
  22. My proudest moment in life
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Personal Narrative Essay Topics

Look at some of these personal narrative essay ideas that will hit home and spur up an idea or two about an experience you think would capture your audience.

  1. The reason why I love my family
  2. The toughest decision I ever made
  3. My favorite meditation spot: outdoors
  4. A complete day in the life of John Smith
  5. The best moment of my entire life
  6. The moment I will treasure in my life forever
  7. The best decision I have ever made
  8. How do I overcome my fears and turn them into strengths
  9. Why I don't particularly appreciate going to college
  10. My experience with racism as an international student
  11. My neighborhood's experience with the 2009 market crash

That last one was a bit of a stretch. But you get the idea. The possibilities are endless; all you have to think about is an experience in your life, and personal narrative essay topics are all around us. You just need a hot cup of coffee, a notebook, and a pen. Brainstorm ideas from different experiences in your life, and you'll find tons of them if you dig a bit deeper.


Well, it's not an exact science, but it is a pretty good way to open your mind to ideas and develop different topics for your essay. If you're stuck, some help might, well, help. You can buy narrative essays online. You'll get a well written research paper on time. Now, let's see some fictional narrative essay topics and ideas to see further how you can create your unique one.

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Fictional Narrative Essay Ideas

Now this is where things start to get interesting. You can come up with any number of these. A story you heard from your best friend? Or a narrative essay topic on the most embarrassing moment you can place a human being. Go nuts with this one. Let's give you some insights into what you can consider writing on.

  1. Our worst "boys' trip" ever
  2. Stuck in the middle of nowhere without gas
  3. A terrible dream that morphed into reality
  4. How your best friend turned into your enemy
  5. How your friend was stuck in a foreign country
  6. An exciting story about your day at the horse tracks
  7. Personal stories from your grandpa
  8. How your favorite teacher helped with your first job interview
  9. A major turning point in your life
  10. A significant challenge facing your community
  11. Favorite childhood games that instilled adult character
  12. A weird encounter with a stranger on a train
  13. Dealing with a daunting task during the summer
  14. A Christmas present you'll never forget
  15. The first pet you owned
  16. A random act that changed your perspective on life
  17. The first person to start a community health center in your neighborhood


You could get a few tips from this list for your next fictional essay topics.

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Good Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

Take a look at some narrative essay topic ideas that benefit university students.

  1. My best memory when in college
  2. My favorite unit in college
  3. The most memorable incident in my life
  4. My favorite professor in college
  5. A reminder to my older self
  6. My favorite author in business
  7. A letter to future me
  8. The best roommate I had in college
  9. My best research project to date
  10. The best team member I had for a research project
  11. The best party I attended in college
  12. A life-threatening escape during a summer trip
  13. The best food I had in college
  14. The best trip I had in college
  15. How one event changed everything in my school
  16. My final day in college


These are but a few of the many topics about college you could write a narrative essay on. Personal experiences are the best because you only have to rely on memory, but looking at it from an outsider's viewpoint helps relate to the reader. Now let's check out some narrative essay topics you can enjoy writing on as a high school student.

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Narrative Essay Topics for High School Students

Use this guide as you come up with a narrative paper to generate essay ideas for your personal narrative topic. You are bound to come up with an interesting story if you immerse yourself in the experience. Here are some personal experiences to help you start writing narrative essay topics that'll guide you through high school.

  1. My first day in junior high
  2. A terrible experience with a movie character at my high school
  3. How modern school environments almost gave me mental health issues
  4. My favorite subject in high school
  5. Interesting topics we learnt about in my literature unit
  6. The most amazing farewell party
  7. The best welcome party in high school
  8. The best teacher in my high school
  9. The two buddies in my high school
  10. The best decision I made for college life in high school
  11. The worst mistake I made in middle school
  12. The best streets we visited in my high school days
  13. The best teammate I met in high school
  14. The most amazing thing I learnt in high school
  15. The final exam in my high school
  16. How my last day went at my high school

You can write tons of other topics on ideas, such as your best friend, or come up with narrative essay topics involving less personal narrative ideas that border more on fiction than reality. Let's now dive into some topics you could write about as a K-level student.

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Narrative Essay Ideas for Kids

As is the case with university students, writing narrative essays takes practice and depends on the level a student is on. Here's how we'll cover each of the narrative essay topics for each grade level.

  • Level: Grade 1
  • Level: Grade 2
  • Level: Grade 3
  • Level: Grade 4
  • Level: Grade 5
  • Level: Grade 6
  • Level: Grade 7
  • Level: Grade 8
  • Level: Grade 9
  • Level: Grade 10
  • Level: Grade 11
  • Level: Grade 12

Level: Grade 1

Take a look at some essay writing topics for grade 1 kids.

  1. A day at the beach
  2. After-school games
  3. An important person at school
  4. A day in the library
  5. Food I do not like at school
  6. A day at the park with my family
  7. Games we play at recess
  8. My neighbor's dog, Butch
  9. What makes plants grow
  10. How to make my favorite snack
  11. How to talk to new people
  12. The reason I like summer
  13. My favorite hobby for Saturdays
  14. How I spend my weekend
  15. How to ride a bike


Level: Grade 2

  1. My favorite toy in the world
  2. A day in the summer heat
  3. The best vacation last summer
  4. A wonderful place to go
  5. The best treehouse in our yard
  6. A sport I'd like to continue playing
  7. A trip on the train
  8. Amazing facts about birds
  9. The most amazing pony at the fair
  10. A trip to the supermarket
Two children holding books on their heads

Level: Grade 3

  1. Activities resulting from outdoor fun
  2. What you can do when you're indoors
  3. Amazing facts about airplanes
  4. An important person in the government
  5. The tiger: an amazing animal
  6. The best after-school games
  7. A day at the public library
  8. Dancing to music at home
  9. Food I find odd and disgusting
  10. How to make my favorite dinner


Level: Grade 4

  1. The best toy to own right now
  2. A cartoon character that I like
  3. A day in the Moroccan desert
  4. A great place to visit in the summer
  5. The best friend I never saw
  6. The wooden treehouse in my backyard
  7. The best place to visit in spring
  8. A song that I like
  9. A trip on an airship
  10. An important time in history


Level: Grade 5

  1. A secret place I visit
  2. A trip on a monorail
  3. Why do I find spiders creepy?
  4. Creatures that live in the desert
  5. Why dumping plastic is bad for the environment
  6. Going fishing with my father
  7. Going to the dentist
  8. Why I want to be famous
  9. How to cure hiccups
  10. I don't understand why we pollute the environment
  11. What I use a computer to do


Level: Grade 6

  1. My best childhood games
  2. A school trip to the zoo
  3. A toy I have kept for many years
  4. Is pollution reversible if we continue using coal?
  5. What a new student to my school needs to know
  6. The best dream I have ever had
  7. The best trip I have ever taken
  8. How I see myself five years from now
  9. The impact of sharing with friends
  10. What I would do if I were the principal for a day?


Level: Grade 7

  1. A big accident on the road
  2. Can American farmers feed everyone?
  3. How would I define the word honesty?
  4. I am the president for the day. Here is what I would do
  5. How can I change bad behaviors?
  6. My favorite chores
  7. My participation in tree planting outside the school
  8. My bedroom, from the door to all four walls
  9. The craziest hairstyle I have ever had
  10. One thing I want to do after finishing the 8th grade


Level: Grade 8

  1. A big problem in the energy sector is...
  2. A cool new store in our neighborhood
  3. Dear governor
  4. Discover nature in Singapore
  5. My favorite teacher in gym class
  6. My favorite band as a small child
  7. Pet peeves that my best friend has
  8. The worst meal I ever ate
  9. The worst shave I ever had
  10. The best picture day in my school


Level: Grade 9

  1. A day I will never forget
  2. A friend I will always cherish
  3. A project I am working on
  4. A typical evening at my house
  5. How Abraham Lincoln changed history
  6. A great scientific breakthrough
  7. An invention that transformed how we communicate
  8. Causes of global warming in the world
  9. Coping with many brothers and sisters
  10. My Website on good etiquette


Level: Grade 10

  1. How a motorbike works
  2. How a crankshaft works in an engine
  3. A trip to the NASA space station
  4. If I had superpowers, I would...
  5. Is pollution a necessary evil?
  6. My first encounter with a cyberbully
  7. My dream car since I was a child
  8. My dream house will have...
  9. I admit it: I enjoy professional basketball
  10. Overcoming health problems related to gymnastics


Level: Grade 11

  1. What did Americans make in Detroit?
  2. What makes pollution a danger in Australia?
  3. Environmentally-friendly ways to mine for petroleum
  4. Is fracking bad for the environment?
  5. What animals can teach people
  6. Tools I will need for my future dream job
  7. What if there were no school sports?
  8. The best summer job in my existence
  9. We all make mistakes
  10. The hardest thing I have ever done


Level: Grade 12

  1. A funny thing that happened in 7th grade
  2. Do not let obstacles keep you from your goal
  3. The influence of greed in corporate America
  4. Foods I love during a hot day
  5. A change that would help you get better grades
  6. The summer job that I regret most
  7. Putting my foot in my mouth at the fair
  8. The argument for alternative sources of energy
  9. Something our community really needs is...
  10. If it's a rule, it's right...right?
cartoon image of a man sited while pointing up at a light bulb and text written, ‘coming up with good topic ideas’ above him

Coming Up With Good Topic Ideas

The thought of writing sends a chill down many students' spines. Academic papers can be intimidating, but you only need to eliminate writer's block and unleash your writing potential. To this end, you may not have a clue about what you are writing about. You will likely have no problems flowing with a topic with which you have information ready. Use different strategies to come up with narrative essay topics that address your issues. Find what works best for you and which learning style suits you best.


Here are some steps you can follow to develop your narrative essay topics.

  1. Understand your assignment
  2. Determine the assignment's purpose
  3. Use a provided list


1. Understand Your Assignment

You must understand the length of your narrative essay and what type is required for your assignment to score highly. You must also discern the research level needed to determine your research scope.


2. Determine the Assignment’s Purpose

Your assignment's purpose will help you determine the type of paper you are writing. For instance, writing an argumentative essay topic will differ from developing personal narrative essay topics. Learn to recognize terms like describe, contrast, analyze, compare, and synthesize to determine what your teacher wants.


3. Use a Provided List

Your instructor may provide you with a list. Occasionally, choose a topic from the given list that interests you. Your instructor will have checked the scope and breadth of the research and seen that such papers elicited great narrative essay topics in the past. When given a list, one good habit of writing narrative essay topics that appeal to your audience is to write the main argument and a thesis for the topics and compare them for scope and breadth.


Select a topic that comes naturally and where you have greater insight to develop a good narrative essay.



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