11 September 2023

Top Argumentative Essay Topics

When writing essays, it's crucial for writers to draw the attention of the reader and further convince them of the subject matter. While many formal essays are based on research and factual data, there are some that are based on perspectives and support a specific agenda. Argumentative essay topics have become popular over the years, covering multiple exciting subjects, from mental health to violent video games.


So, what are these argumentative essays, and what's the art of writing argumentative essays? Read on to find out.


What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a formal essay that persuades readers to agree with the given thesis statement. They are drawn from points of reference that cover a concern in a specific industry or field. An argument essay topic can be derived from simple debates in middle school, like 'Does taking school lunch save time' to complex subject matters determined by the electoral college, such as 'Are violent video games bad?'


In contrast, a persuasive essay seeks to convince the reader to agree with something. To avoid confusion, argumentative essay writing is based on logic and reasoning while persuasive essays are based on personal opinions and emotions.


Like any other formal essay, argumentative essays require intensive research to determine the facts around a subject to be able to develop conclusive pieces of evidence regarding the same. These essays have been used by middle schoolers to help them differentiate complex topics and arguments and by college students to develop concrete arguments in their research papers.


The Format of Writing an Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay requires skill and precision to get it right. This will help you neatly introduce the reader to your topic and simultaneously guide them through your point of view on how you perceive the argumentative essay topic. A good argumentative essay has three major sections:


  • Introduction - This is a single paragraph that states the argumentative essay topic and introduces the thesis statement to briefly highlight your take on the topic.


  • Body - This section consists of a series of paragraphs that are categorically written to support your take on the essay. It can also include minor controversial argumentative essay topics as subheadings to help you develop a structure that is easy to read and understand. This is a detailed section that presents arguments and mentions facts of the same.


  • Conclusion - This is the parting shot of the argumentative essay, where you restate the supporting evidence and echo the thesis.


The above format helps you structure your arguments in a hierarchical manner from the strongest down to the other points. It also helps with content fluidity that helps with reading. The complexity and length of each argumentative essay topic will vary depending on the level of study and knowledge accessibility. For instance, a middle school student will typically write a simple and short essay compared to what is expected of college majors. Writing an outline for your essay will help you structure each section of your essay to meet the essay prompt and requirements.


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What Makes Good Argumentative Essays?

With a good format in check, you have to be informed of the necessary elements that make a good persuasive essay. The important elements of a good argumentative essay include:


  • A strong argument - a persuasive essay is only as good as the topic. The best argumentative essay topics are those that cover a need or an important aspect that affects a particular group of people. Choosing strong argumentative essay topics should be backed with solid reasons and enough proof to make an argument. This will address the main point and also create the basis for research.


  • Thesis - A thesis is a compressed argument knitted into a single sentence. It covers the entire complex matter but states the facts and data in a straightforward and simple manner. It is the reference point when making the arguments, so it needs to be well-thought-of and extensively researched.


  • Research - one can only qualify as an argumentative essay where comprehensive research is involved. This is often the basis of writing your arguments to make them convincing to the audience. Citing and referencing from reputable publications will be necessary to support your points.


It is important to consider pointing out facts that are not controversial or won't contradict your thesis in any way. Remember to only cite from recognized sources as those are backed-up research points. Finally, how you deliver each point is very important in covering argumentative essay topics.


For example, let's consider 'Should high school students get student loans?' Such a topic can take two turns; there are students who will be for it and others against it. Before settling on who to side with, consider the pros and cons of student loans, how high school students can use them, what amount should be given, terms of payment, if a percentage will be grant-based/all should be paid back, and alike.


These facts, sourced from a different group, such as college students, will help you know the ups and downs of student loans; then, you put yourself in the shoes of high school students to help you come up with a strong argument.


Argumentative essay topics can be classified into categories depending on the level of study that a student is in. We'll now look at some examples of argumentative essays.


This argumentative essay on immigration will give you a glimpse of what students are expected to write for high grades.


Argumentative Essay Topics for Kids in Elementary School

Also known as kindergarten, this is the basic level of school that kids begin their studies at. It is attended by kids aged 5-10 years old and goes all the way to grade five. This is the starting point where knowledge is shared on a primary level and basics from books to writing to letters are introduced. Since this is so much of a basic level, the essays for elementary school students are written in sentence-format, rather than in paragraphs.


It is not a compelling essay that drives major points. Some of the examples of essays for elementary school students include:

  1. Do kids' programs have commercials?
  2. Is homework helpful to kids?
  3. Should kids attend school all year round?
  4. Are boys and girls treated the same way in school?
  5. Do parents limit screen time?
  6. Should the school day start before eight o'clock?
  7. Are kids of voting age?
  8. Can kids opt for online or physical schools?
  9. Are parents responsible for their kids' homework?
  10. Do schools require students to report in-person bullying?


Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle Schoolers

Middle schoolers are students of grades six to eight, who are ideally aged 11 to 13 years old. This is the level where students begin to write on argumentative essay topics. The skill level required for this group of students is on the basic level as they are learning to research and develop argumentative essay topics on issues that affect them directly. The best essay topics for middle school students include:

  1. Can middle schoolers take employment opportunities like lawn mowing and sibling babysitting?
  2. Are violent video games bad?
  3. Is participating in beauty pageants a good start to a modeling career?
  4. Is social media a good or a bad thing?
  5. Should middle schoolers be given too much homework?
  6. Which is better between walking to school and taking the bus?
  7. Is school lunch the best alternative for kids?
  8. Can a gym class be taught by the same teacher?


Argumentative Essay Topics for High School Students

High schoolers are more knowledgeable and exposed to a lot of information. This makes them a good group to start testing on complex argumentative essay topics. Their knowledge across various disciplines helps them have solid points to include in persuasive essays. High school students have been tested in various complex subjects like math and sciences, multiple languages and major historical events.


Although not fully specialized, they are still well-informed making them good candidates for topics in their respective disciplines. Argumentative essay topics for high schoolers can range from sciences, technology, politics, history, law, etc. Some of the best argumentative essay topics for high schoolers include:

  1. Is burning the national flag legal or illegal?
  2. Can parents be seeing for not taking their kids to school?
  3. Are businesses required to hire in diversity?
  4. Should the minimum wage be raised?
  5. Should we treat both men and women equally?
  6. Should parents decide the medical treatment for their kids?
  7. Should the electoral college be banned?
  8. Why abortion should be banned
  9. Why is teenage driving a societal hazard?


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However, if you are going the DIY way, let's take a look at topics for more advanced learning levels.


Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

Colleges and universities are the epitome of studies in the education setup. They represent the highest level of studies as they are entrusted to help students build careers from what they learn. With specialization across all industries, colleges present the opportunity to make concrete arguments on the most complex topics to ever exist. This is influenced by the accessibility of knowledge and training involved in making graduates.


College majors make the most out of their time in school to get spaces in the highest offices or establish flourishing businesses. On the other hand, elite college athletes are poached by scouts, and they end up in the biggest sport leagues. Universities also have distance learning programs where students can access various courses regardless of their location. Some of the top argumentative essay options for college students include:

  1. Do you think it is necessary for 12th-grade students to have to take a civics exam before graduation?
  2. Should public education at the college level be tuition-free?
  3. Are men and women equally emotional?
  4. Should parents take accountability for childhood trauma?
  5. Why human cloning could be detrimental to humanity
  6. Should college tuition be free?
  7. Should income be equivalent to the cost of a college degree?
  8. Are athletes overpaid?

While more argumentative essay topics are classified according to the level of studies, some are geared towards a specific industry or subject matter. For instance, scientists base all their theses on scientific matters, and politicians base their theses on government-related matters. This is a unique way of addressing an argumentative essay topic. Some of the common examples of essay topics on specific fields or industries include:


Argument Topics on Science and Technology

Science and technology is an industry that is ever-growing, with promising inventions and findings every day. This industry has always wowed the public with moves such as landing on the moon, inventing nuclear bombs, and developing AI, and electric cars. The amazement of smart homes and the advancements in the medical field have significantly been improved by technological evolutions.


Science is a field of experiments, where a lot of trial and error are made to come up with mind-blowing results that have been critical in the daily lives of people in this modern era. Technology has proved to be reliable in its application across various industries as automation of business proceedings and elections are major milestones. The major argumentative topics for scientific essays include:


1. Is climate change something we can truly make a difference with? Or is it much bigger and stronger than us?

Climate change has been a major topic of discussion over the past few decades as significant changes in the atmospheric space have been realized. The inconsistent rain, dried-out rivers, global warming, and wildfires have been the primary reference points in such arguments.


2. Do you think the act of cloning DNA presents a moral issue?

The biopharmaceutical industry has sparked headlines in recent years as the public is slowly learning about these new inventions. The ability to make an identical creature from a sample of another has really raised eyebrows and created concerns whether it is upright or unlawful.


3. Explain your stance on whether wind farms are a good or bad idea?

With the rise in the demand for power for various reasons including bitcoin mining in cryptocurrency or running major production industries, wind farms have increased across various regions. This have raised concerns from citizens wondering whether the land misuse or related pollution caused is worth the energy produced by these setups.


4. Should someone be able to keep wild animals as pets if they have the means to care for them?

The need to have companions, especially for moral support or to meet specific emotional needs has significantly risen. It all started with having support or assistance dogs, but pet-keeping has now taken a different turn with other people taking high risks to keep wild animals as pets. Pythons and in some places tigers and lions have been the popular options for many people but it is getting out of hand with others falling prey to their so-called 'pets'. This rising concern presents the question if it is right to keep willies like crocs, big snakes, and wild cats as pets.


Argument Topics on Government

A government is the authoritative body that conducts the affairs and enforces policies of a nation. They are often the body that receives the most criticism for what they do or don't as they are the representatives of and serve the people. They are tasked with ensuring they meet people's needs and improve their lives in different aspects according to their selling manifesto.


With a large population holding them accountable for their actions and looking forward to their reaction on specific matters, they arguably present most of the societal, religious, lawful, and communal arguments to ever exist. Some of the top topics in government compelling essays include:

  1. Do you feel that specific anti-discrimination laws are a detriment rather than a help to our society?
  2. Do you feel illegal immigrants should be granted all the same rights (and more) than nationalized citizens?
  3. The moral stain of the slavery of African American people in early American History is undoubtedly present. Do you feel the government promotes hate or love with the straight talk of racism?
  4. Should a felon have their right to vote revoked?
  5. Should the government have more strict gun control policies?
  6. Should the government impose mandatory police body cameras in all US states?
  7. Explain whether you agree or disagree with allowing patients to have physician assisted-suicide in the case of a terminal illness
  8. Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?
  9. Should the government dictate which books should be allowed in the classroom?


Argument Topics on Social Media Platforms

Social media is undoubtedly the new communal space for mankind. It has given rise to top collaborations, marriages, quality friendships, driven agendas, propelled arguments, and influence in major industries. People can now make a living off social media. The polishing of talent and unique skills are now promoted through various social media platforms. Although causing mixed reactions regarding its effect on society, social media has a significant impact on the lives of people. Some of the argumentative essay topic ideas include:

  1. Has social media affected the society?
  2. Is going to online college the same as attending college at a university?
  3. Should cell phones be allowed at school?
  4. What are some of the things we owe to social media
  5. What are the effects of social media on identity?
  6. Does social media improve personal expression?


Argument Topics on TV, Movies, Video Games

Televisions shows, movies, and video games are the new entertainment choices for most citizens. They spike some unmatched dopamine in our bodies depending of particular tastes and preferences. Since they have caused various reactions in the public, their use has been reference points for argument topics.


TV Shows

Popular television shows have been influential in the daily lives of citizens. Movies mimic the lifestyles and events of people and news update us on the current proceedings in various parts of the world. Some of the popular argument topics on TV include:

  1. Should live TV shows be censored?
  2. Are daily broadcasts controlled?
  3. Are TV adverts a good marketing strategy?



The filming industry has bloomed over the years with the likes of Hollywood recording exceptional profits and showcasing prowess in the industry. However, there are concerns over different types of movies, specifically horror, fiction, and adult movies, on their effects on society. Some of the popular argument topics on movies include:

  1. Should free downloading of movies be legalized?
  2. Are subscription sites taking cinemas off business?
  3. How can movies enforce the age restriction policies?


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Video Games

Video games are causing kids to remain glued to their smartphones and screens in the unreal world of competitive gaming. This is a major concern to parents, leaving them confused about how they should handle such a case. Some of the popular argument topics on video games include:

  1. Do video games limit physical activity?
  2. Are video games addictive?
  3. What are the effects of video games?


With this information in mind, you have the blueprint to write brilliant argumentative essays. Still unsure of the writing process? We have you covered. Buy argumentative essays from us and get professional essay writing services.



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