Argumentative Essay about Human Cloning

Dolly, the sheep, generated enormous controversy. Born in 1996, she gained international fame following her heritage. You see, Dolly was a clone of a Finnish Dorset sheep. Like the monkeys back in the space race, she was the first of a kind. Dolly had to find her way in a world permeated by primates with the capacity to create life. But did they really create life? Let's examine how different people perceive this notion using this argumentative essay about human cloning.


The Real Frankenstein Project

Right off the bat! Human cloning seems like an eerily scientific project that may have adverse ramifications. Steven Hawking was skeptical about giving artificial intelligence power. Dolly represents something more, the potential to create life. But she led to one argument, could you consider Dolly fully developed?


Dolly was an identical copy and was not unique in any way. She proved that clones could mate and reproduce. Human cloning would pose more problems when it comes to reproduction. What happens when two human clones reproduce? Would they create a different species?


The Morality Involved

Human cloning has been a subject of debate for many years. Proponents argue that such a decision would enable people to develop human organs. This raises multiple ethical issues. Are clones human? Can we use people for scientific experiments and organ harvesting? What about the military? Could governments create super soldiers to replace existing troops?


Some actions sound barbaric when one considers different angles. Some philosophers would argue that humanity develops as one grows. A person learns about good and evil and how to interact with others. Would raising human clones make them human? In this case, people cannot manufacture others to harvest their organs.


How Human Are Clones?

However, it is likely that human clones do not have a soul. Human beings are united in stating they have a soul. Do clones have souls if God grants us this gift? These and many more questions surround the issue of human cloning. People are unlikely to support one decision unilaterally. Genetic cloning is akin to opening a pandora's box.


Human beings are curious species. A faith-based argument would note the danger of playing God. It is a novel technology with limitless potential. However, the capacity to make human clones does not mean we should. Dolly developed various cancer complications throughout her life (Regalado, 2018). It may be a coincidence or an indication that human cloning could create beings to suffer before dying.


Controlling Nature

Clones age faster than their regular counterparts. A human clone would likely be older than it appeared. They would have shorter telomeres in their DNA since they would be genetically identical to the person whose cells were used to create them.


Creating human clones appears synonymous with the biblical tower of Babbel. We could let history teach us or repeat mistakes due to lunacy masquerading as ambition. The artificial intelligence debate about its potential failures shows we are not ready to create more of ourselves. Human societies regularly clash. What makes us sure we can control biotechnology when we create people?


Do We Have More Control? Somehow

Some proponents may argue that technology such as CRISPR-Cas9, Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, give us better safeguards. While this is true, it is a new science we have not fully understood. Jumping from sheep cloning to human beings is a possible fatal issue. Editing parts of a human's genome differs from creating each part of a person and giving them life.


Furthermore, let's consider our dilemma from an investor's side. Would these people be property? Claiming that clones are not people is a weak argument. They look like us and are genetically similar to some of us. Giving people ownership of others is immoral and returns our world to darker times, where slavery was permissible. Except, in this case, investors would breed people for organs or war (Regalado, 2018). That is worse!


Identity Crisis

Dolly, the sheep, could not think and contemplate life. Human clones would likely have our abilities. We do not have a particular classification for such people. Are they even people? Would they gain citizenship in their countries? Too many questions exist to excuse creating people for our needs.


Cloning is not a national but a global issue that requires international assessment. A single nation cannot develop a new species without communicating with others. We cannot be sure if they will act like other human beings. It is a matter of international debate due to its immense implications for these clones and others in their environment.


Unforeseen Repercussions

Human beings' biological interventions worldwide have devastating consequences for the local flora and fauna. We cannot predict how including another species, an apex species, will affect our environment. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator may exist, with human clones rather than machines. We cannot be sure about the ripple effect of this activity.


We believe that human cloning should not exist. It is an abomination of nature. Creating someone is unchartered territory. We cannot be sure about the implications of such an action. More significant debate is necessary before such an idea can be considered. Humans should not play God while they are currently on the fence about technology!


Regalado, A. (2018, April 20). Is it time to worry about human cloning again? The Guardian. Retrieved October 4, 2022, from


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