Spider-Man analysis essay

From Toby Maguire to Tom Holland, Spider-Man, alias Peter Parker, is a lovable character. He is young, talks a bit too much (something people have pointed out at one point or the other during epic scenes), and is one of the strongest superheroes. Let’s delve in with this Spider-Man analysis essay that shows why Peter Parker is a household name among Marvel fans worldwide.


Spider-Man, A Deviation From Comic Norm

Spider-Man is a creation of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, first appearing in 1962’s anthology comic book, Amazing Fantasy #15. Peter is raised by his aunt, May, and uncle, Ben, following the death of his parents in a plane crash.


In Queens, New York, Peter’s story begins with a nasty bite from a radioactive spider. He later realizes that he can sense danger, climbs up walls, and is insanely strong. Being a genius, Peter designs web shooters that he attaches to his wrists and uses his impressive speed and agility to move around New York City and help people in need.


With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Peter’s first test appears after he signs up for and wins a wrestling match against a wrestler known as the Crusher. He is approached by a TV producer who offers him a chance to appear on Ed Sullivan’s show. Peter obliges and impresses people with his skills, feeling better about himself throughout the show. He even lets a burglar run past him and into an elevator just because he can.


While Peter may have new abilities, he fails to realize that with great power comes great responsibility. The burglar he intentionally failed to stop shoots his uncle when he startles him, running away to an ACME factory, where Peter catches up with him. The teenage hero realizes he has a part to play in his uncle’s death. Spider-Man is truly born.


The True Birth of Spider-Man

Spider-Man’s story is a journey of self-discovery, family, friendship, and love. The young hero discovers his new abilities as a teenager. Most superheroes are introduced to the public as grown-ups, occasionally having flashbacks of their youth. However, we meet spider-man in his teens. He does not fully understand himself, an issue we see plaguing the hero in different comics and film adaptations.


One of the essential aspects of Peter Parker’s character is his relationships with those around him. Harry Osborn, his best friend, struggles with drugs and learns that Peter is Spider-Man and contributed to the death of his father, the Green Goblin, Spider-Man’s first supervillain. The superhero considers hanging up his costume after seeing his friend’s father die but returns to the scene as New York soon needs his help.


Tragedy Strikes

Peter also watches helplessly as his girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, dies from a fall after the Green Goblin throws her off a building. Spider-Man faces all these issues before graduating college. What a sad life! One cannot imagine that someone would come out of this bright and cheerful. Batman surely didn’t! You can argue that Superman is one of the most hopeful superheroes in the Marvel universe. But it is irrefutable that Peter Parker faces the most devastating life and maintains his cheerful demeanor.


Black Spider-Man

1984 to 1988 Spider-Man elicited mixed reactions from fans. He first wore the black costume with a white spider design on his chest in the Secret Wars. Spider-Man fought alongside other major superheroes from Earth on an alien planet. The Amazing Spider-Man #252 saw Peter make the costume his “official” one and sparked outrage from hardcore fans.


This turns out to be another existential crisis Spider-Man faces as one of the most-liked symbiotes in Marvel history, Venom, is the black costume! What a twist! Venom returns several times to take revenge on Peter for rejecting him.


Good Things Come in Threes

Spider-Man is not all gore, though. He falls in love with Gwen and Mary Jane Watson, marrying the latter in 1987. He has a strong bond with his aunt and earns the respect of superheroes such as Rodgers, Captain America. Spider-Man is wholly accepted by the Marvel Avengers, becoming the youngest Avenger. He was invited to fight against Thanos! This is one of the biggest threats to the multiverse.


Supervillain Life

We have seen Spider-Man as the superhero, but has he ever been the supervillain? Trick question, almost every superhero either turned bad at some point in their life or another version of them from the multiverse has.


Magus Joins The Party

Spider-Man has taken on the supervillain role several times. One of the most iconic is 1992’s The Infinity War, which took place after The Infinity Gauntlet. Magus, Adam Warlock’s evil half, threatened the Marvel universe by creating an army of doppelgangers matching Marvel heroes.


Spider-Man’s doppelganger is one of the few monsters that remain after the event. He continues plaguing Peter Parker and works with other villains, such as the Carnage family and Demogoblin, destroying everything in his wake.


Spider-Man is a complete character, experiencing the best and worst of life. He sees family and friends die but ends up saving the world countless times with his team of superheroes that become a part of his family.


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