Same Sex Adoption Essay

LGBTQ adoption is one of modern society's most significant moral and social debates. Despite adoption existing for many years, the question of gay adoption is relatively recent. Should gay couples be allowed to adopt children? Read this same sex adoption essay and learn about the various arguments that have turned the kind act into a labyrinth of legal, moral, and philosophical questions.


The LGBTQ Adoption Debate

Same-sex couples include gays and lesbians. The LGBTQ community is making great strides in gaining rights. Adoption is one such issue that faces immense protest from the anti-gay and anti-lesbian communities. This leads to a debate about the lives of children in orphanages and homes. Let us look at some of the main issues driving this debate.


Infringement of Rights

Some people do not understand why adopting a child is limited to heterosexual couples. Florida recently deemed a lawsuit against a gay couple with two foster kids void because it discriminates against individual rights. Denying LGBTQ people the opportunity to adopt children is synonymous with protesting their way of life.


Furthermore, no one would support giving custody to an abusive guardian or family. The primary reason for resistance against gay adoption is how the child will be raised. An unlucky child may get an abusive guardian. Whether they are heterosexual or homo-sexual should be a secondary concern as the goal is to make sure the child is in a safe environment.


Whose Rights are Forfeit?

Many adoption agencies are faith-based. This puts a strain on governments to enforce adoption laws. These groups resist issues they consider as going against their faith. It is hypocritical to ask someone to drop their way of life to support another's. Therefore, the debate rages on. It boils down to individual perception and a person's worldview.


Developed countries with gay protection must note the delicate line they walk to avoid igniting hatred between hardliners on each side of the argument. The government cannot enforce some laws to maintain a child adoption agency's autonomy and freedom. However, limiting a group's potential to adopt children is discrimination.


So, Should Gay Couples be Allowed to Adopt?

Well, we believe in equality for all people. This makes the answer blurry and falls into a gray area. Whose rights are we considering? Are we justified in forcing someone to breach their faith to protect another's rights? If so, wouldn't that make faith-based adoption agencies argue their right to worship is being infringed upon? The problem is not cut and dry and requires an in-depth survey to determine its long-term effects on society.


Our debate further has a curveball that most people do not consider when making their argument. Few people visit orphanages or donate to these courses regularly. One may do it as a one-off thing, but these people raise the children without monetary gain. They sacrifice their lives to care for these children. Therefore, it is improper to force them to change their beliefs because they clash with ours.


Government Intervention

It is prudent to assume that various child adoption agencies are not faith-based. The US prides itself on democracy and protecting everyone's rights and freedoms. This puts the government in a precarious position. Whose rights does it cover? Should the same-sex couple have to look for a non-faith-based child adoption agency? Should faith-based ones relent and allow this group to exercise their rights? The most important question remains, should the government choose a side in this matter?


Same-sex adoption is a delicate subject that requires joint discussion from those arguing in favor and against the activity. The government should introduce a nationwide conversation to help mitigate social and moral dilemmas raised by the subject. This is not an issue any group can muscle others into accepting or rejecting and requires acceptance by all.



The debate reaches various compelling problems. Why should same-sex couples have the chance to adopt children like their heterosexual counterparts? Why would someone's rights trample another's? Doesn't it seem like a double standard? Time will tell which side the coin drops. However, people do not consider their predisposition towards one side's effects on the children involved. It should not be an ideological issue; a child's safety should be the top priority.

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