Area 51 Essay

“Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,” was a planned joke for September 20, 2019. The meme ignited a story that has dominated the media for decades. What is located in Area 51? Are there aliens? Has the US government been covering up the existence of extraterrestrial life in the Nevada desert? Let’s explore the myth and reality surrounding one of the most secretive and well-known US military bases in this Area 51 essay.


Crop Circles? Or the Biggest Known Secret

The Nevada Test and Training Range is a US military base located in the desert and is completely off-limits to civilians. It has developed one of the longest-lasting reputations as the target for alien conspiracy theorists. Ufologists and alien fans believe that somewhere in Area 51’s vast expanse lies a heavily guarded underground lab devoted to studying alien aircraft.


If you happened to take the 2019 joke seriously and traveled to Nevada, you were surely disappointed not to find green alien bodies and flying saucers. The first reason for this is the immense security measures taken by the US to guard its secret weapons testing facility. Local authorities will not allow anyone near the site while the facility uses “Cammo men” in aircraft to scan its borders for trespassers.


Spy Operations

A Nellis Air Force Base spokesperson replied to the 2019 joke to storm the area, saying, “Any attempt to access a federal installation illegally is highly discouraged. Those who trespass on a federal installation without proper authority will be apprehended until they can be turned over to the appropriate law enforcement authorities and are subject to local and federal penalties and prosecution.”


Area 51 houses the US’ overhead surveillance scheme, and likely nothing else exists on the military base. The base started operations in the 1950s at the onset of the Cold War and is home to some of the most significant spy craft assembled, notably the U-2 spy plane. Experts say US spy agencies and the Air Force will likely maintain spy operations in Area 51. It is the most favorable area to develop the next generation of weapons of war.


Fanning the Myth

Let’s discuss why Area 51 has such allure for overhead espionage and alien lore. Nevada Test and Training Range is roughly the size of Connecticut. It is one of the largest connecting ground and air spaces for military operations during periods of peace. Area 51 is located within this facility and is one of the most secure military facilities in the world.


No cell reception, 120 miles within the Nevada desert, and far from modern conveniences. This only adds to its allure and enduring conspiracies concerning little green men. Nonetheless, President Dwight Eisenhower wanted the base designed for stealth for the country’s high-altitude reconnaissance program into USSR territory. Area 51 came into being to spy on the Soviet Union’s nuclear weapons program.


Nuclear Deterrence 

The Nevada Test and Training Range was the perfect candidate. It was a secret military base located deep in the desert, and the best part of all, nuclear deterrence. This is not the nuclear deterrence of a country but rather people who do not care much for irradiated skin. The US government used this facility to explode nuclear bombs. It had the perfect cover. No one would try sneaking into a facility with the possibility of being bombed!


Soon, the people of Nevada would experience one of the first instances of UFO sightings. They probably saw the U-2 spy plane. One of the most successful spy crafts ever built. Area 51’s secretive nature did not dispel rumors concerning alien sightings. They were creating secret surveillance equipment. Rumors helped hide what was really going on in the Nevada desert.


It’s Probably Just a Military Testing Site

The base was so obfuscated that components of the plane were disassembled, transported on a plane, and reassembled at the base. CIA officials decided to fuel the UFO sighting myths to prevent people from learning about the odd-looking and fast aircraft moving about the state.


So maybe your curiosity for alien lore is satiated, maybe not. A word of advice, don’t storm Area 51 if someone initiates another viral rallying call. Aliens or not, the US government likes its secrets!


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