Focusing on the Present Essay

The true definition of mental illness is when the majority of your time is spent in the past or future but rarely living in the realism of NOW.

-Shannon Alder.

Many people fail to live and purely exist, walking among the living with ‘what ifs.’ When was the last time you took a break? Focusing on the present essay is a literary piece that praises the importance of taking a step back and admiring what you have now.


The Beauty of Today

We do not believe there is a person alive that has not experienced failure. Neither are there people that do not constantly think about their future. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat history’s mistakes. This does not equate to living in the past; it is a foregone conclusion. The best one can hope for is a bright present and future. It is also important to note that all one can truly control is their present.


We Live to Fight Another Day

The world has been facing catastrophes since Covid-19 struck the earth. It elicited a lot of uncertainty concerning the future. The disease claimed many lives before a virus was found, and even then, it did not offer 100% security. Our world is still grappling with the effects of this virus and has been plunged into wars on many fronts across the globe.


Still, humans persist. They adapt and live to fight another day. The very existence of that last statement shows the importance of focusing on the present. Tomorrow has problems, but it is more reasonable to deal with what we need today.


Death Comes for Us All

Another reason for dealing with the present rather than dwelling in the past or reminiscing about a better future is the concept of death. None of us will be here in 2200 (unless we develop some age-prolonging tech); we’d better make the best of each day. The fragile nature of our existence should not be a matter to worry about. Instead, it should empower us to take the bull by the horns and live every day with a purpose.


It is also important to consider that while we live our lives, others are partially or wholly dependent on us. Living in the past means forgetting their daily needs while focusing on the future will likely drive them crazy because of the uncertainty. If everyone could predict their lives, they would make fortunes! But this isn’t the case; living for ourselves and our loved ones keeps us grounded on what is real, the present.


Beauty and the Beast

Focusing on what is in front of your eyes allows you to notice the beauty and ugly sides of life. You have a better perspective of your existence and do not live in thought. If you saved money to eat tomorrow but did not ingest anything today, will tomorrow ever come? Or would you die of hunger waiting for a better tomorrow?


Our primary concern should not be whether tomorrow will be better or whatever happened in your past. Learning to submit fully to one’s life as it allows them to have a better perspective to improve the very tomorrow they are worried about. Besides, getting stressed and anxious because of something beyond one’s control only leads to misery. We may control our lives, but we do not have complete control over life; that’s the truth.


So live for today, but remember you might be here tomorrow, so do not squander your day. Take a stroll, meet new people, and improve yourself. Build yourself today, and you’ll find tomorrow easier to handle. One step at a time, we’re not promised tomorrow, but we can make today one enjoyable ride.


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